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Can Deap Clean – Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub (Neutrogena) helps to cure the BURNT SKIN?

Having a burnt skin during holiday is the common thing that would be happened to most women, especially when we travel to the city in the summer period. How about if the skin has burnt for a long period? Or get into permanent dark skin?

Panic! It will be the first reaction for most women while looking at the mirror and get the skin tanned. Usually, it will be realized when the holiday almost over because we are just too excited having a journey under the sun and we didn’t care about our skin. And also, we just don’t realize that the sun will burn the skin easily, especially if we do not put the sunblock on or even the body lotion throughout our skin. Actually, it is not only discoloration that will be happened to our skin but the sensitivity will be another effect. The skin usually get hurt easily when it absorbs any kind of extracts, such as a toner, body spray or even a perfume. The skin also feels more itchy. This condition is absolutely not convenience at all. Sometimes, we just feel shy and not confidence if we have the burnt skin, especially in our face. Therefore, we need extra efforts to put additional coverage on our facial skin, such as applying a thick layer of matte foundation to camouflage the skin color. Based on my experience, I never use the foundation that has the shiny or glowing effect on my burnt skin. Because, it will accentuate the discoloration instead of camouflage. The matte foundation would be my perfect choice. Even though, the skin will still look burnt, but the skin color will look more even.

As the holiday is already finish now, we have to look after our skin. Currently, my skin got burned after traveling to Singapore last December 2017. The weather in Singapore is unstable. The sunshine was very hot during AM and it was getting cloudy then raining in the afternoon until night. I was too excited enjoying the scenery and I didn’t care about my skin. I just realized it on my last day of the holiday, and of course I was PANIC!

I tried to find the solution at least to make my facial skin have softer texture and I tried to accept the burnt skin.  I went to the closest Guardian in Orchard Road and I bought the Deap Clean – Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub from Neutrogena. I already trust with this brand, as it works well in my sensitive skin. This is what I did to solve the burnt skin in the first stage during traveling.

  • Clean the facial skin with cleansing wipes or any kind of cleansing products.
  • Continue by cleaning the facial skin with the cleansing foam. It is too ensure that the dirt are already removed from the facial skin and ready to accept next skincare treatment.
  • Scrub the facial skin with the daily scrub from Neutrogena.
  • Enclosed the cleansing activity by putting the facial mask on. It will softer, fresher and smoother the skin. The skin will have the cool effect.
  • After 10 – 15 minutes, I wash my facial skin with the cleansing foam to remove the mask formula. However, you have to check the type of mask that you will use. For some facial masks, you don’t have to do wash-off and just continue with the next treatment instead. And other masks, you absolutely need to do wash off.
  • Before sleep, I used to apply the facial essence, serum and a cream. I did the night time routine differently from I used to do it at home. Because, I did not bring complete skincare series during traveling to avoid the complexity and too much skincare stuff in my luggage.

After applying those skincare products, my burnt skin feels better and I get my confidence back. In this post, I want to share about my satisfaction of using the Deap Clean – Blackhead Eliminating Daily Scrub from Neutrogena as this scrub helps me to solve the burnt skin problem.

What does this product claim?

This product can be used to face the blackhead fighting complex. It helps to effectively eliminate blackheads from the very first use and prevent new ones from forming, for clear and healthy looking skin. I saw that texts at the back of the packaging.

The product packaging

I think the packaging is just a general tube, which contains 100 gram scrubs. The tube is made from a flexible plastic with a cover lid. However, the lid is on a high quality base and it can close the hole properly and I don’t have to be worry that the scrub will be spilled out.

How to use this scrub?

Put the suitable amount of the scrub on the palm and squeeze it into hands. Then, lather up with water and apply it to wet face and massage gently for some moments. After that, rinse the scrub with water. I always avoid the delicate skin around eyes area.

Does the scrub texture is very harsh?

NOPE! As this product is purposed for daily use, the scrub texture is very soft with containing a very smooth scrub’s particles. It has a clear color. When I put the scrub in the skin, the texture is similar to facial foam but not too soft.  And when I rub the scrub, my skin won’t feel any harsh but a soft feeling instead. I used to rub my skin on a circular base for about one minute and washing with water.

What does I feel after scrubbing my face?

I feel my skin very soft and smooth. As this would be my initial action to solve the burnt skin. I feel that my skin is well-moisturized and it is very suitable for the sensitive skin.

Where can I buy this product?

This product is very easy to be found. I used to bought in the supermarket, Guardian and other shops. You may buy this product in the online shops as well.

Next purchase?

Absolutely, YES!!!! I really love this daily scrub and I already have some stocks in mine.

Selecting and choosing the skincare products is not always easy. I find this is a tricky parts but I enjoy it! Do you have any favorite scrub product? Please share your experience of using it …..

Thanks for reading.


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