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Singapore Serial: Enjoy the Time in RONIN

In having the convenience feeling during the leisure time, sometime we need the place that offer the comfortable atmosphere. We can find thousands of these places but there are only few cafes and restaurants that are able to keep us stay there for hours. How we choose it?

I will tell the story again when I traveled to Singapore. I went to Clarke Quay area to meet my friend and took some photos in Clarke Quay Bay Side. It was a nice area with some young people sat along the bay side having their lunch or just waste their time by looked at the beautiful scenery. I will share some photos and the story about the Clarke Quay areas in my other posts. I met my friends in Central and we decided to have some coffees in the comfort cafe with great environment and convenience atmosphere. She recommended Ronin Cafe, which is located in 17 Hongkong Street, Clarke Quay area. It is near the MRT stations of Clarke Quay or Raffles Place. I catch the MRT and get off in the Clarke Quay station that is under the Central. We had to walk about 5 – 10 minutes from there. For further information that relate to the menu and the information about this cafe, you can see from this LINK. You will get the picture of this cafe before you decide to spend your time in there.

Actually, this cafe was not visible from the outside because the entrance was covered by the dark glass. It was just a simple cafe. However, when I entered Ronin, the atmosphere is very cozy and convenience even though the size of the cafe is quite small. I think they only have around 10 – 15 tables inside but they set the seats comfortably, which means we won’t feel very crowded. The other factor that I love about this cafe was the waitresses were very friendly and some of them mingled with visitors. Most visitors were enjoying their time sitting around while spending their time with their friends, families and working colleagues. The lights was showered the dim light and it can give the calm feeling. When my friend and I were there, almost all tables were full and we get the table with two seats, which was GREAT!

At first, we were confused in finding the menu. The menu were sticked in the wall near the entrance. There were many foods and beverages that we can choose. We ordered 2 cups of hot flat white for having at Ronin. Some people ordered the beverages to take away as they often had a coffee during working. The taste of the coffee itself is on medium level but it still has the milky taste, which was different with the taste of flat white in Indonesia. In Indonesia, flat white usually has a strong taste of milk and it contains a weak coffee. Back to Ronin Cafe, I really like the taste of flat white and I felt that I had a coffee. However, they also offer some foods from the group of grains and toasts, sides and sandwiches.

We had chitchat in Ronin Cafe for about 1 hour and the time went so fast. We were really enjoy the atmosphere and also the environment. If you are in Singapore at the moment, I recommend you to visit Ronin Cafe. It open daily from 8 am – 6 pm. After you visit there, tell me about your experience in there.

Thanks for reading!

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