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Singapore Serial – Get Lost in Chinese Garden

Understanding a lot of cultures is very important. By knowing the soul of each culture, we will do some respect to the culture itself and also to the individual. It will create the peaceful feeling naturally and also have a united citizen. The thing is how to get more than one culture in one place to minimize the cost. Or do we have to visit each country to get a depth understanding about its cultures and beliefs?

Every time I travel, I always visit the places that have the historical values and also showered the atmosphere local culture and beliefs. I want to get the historical feeling deeply if I stand in the building that has some historical stories years ago. We can get the values from the building structure, embedded sculpture and paintings. Every country has its own culture and beliefs that has been merged in the country’s atmospheres as well as within the citizen’s beliefs and attitudes. I find this is very interesting to get a long with those varieties of culture and trying to adapt with each of them. There are some countries that most people know about the strong culture that they own and those become beliefs for life.

In Singapore, there are a lot of culture that merged within by having lots of place of culture, place of worship and also culture varieties that owned by each citizen. At first, I thought that it would be hard to visit the place and area that tell us about the culture and belief in Singapore. Because, the positioning of Singapore in my mind is having modern building and great shopping areas. Luckily, I was wrong! There is the place that was modeled after the landscaping of the Sun Dynasty of Northern China and you can find it in Chinese Garden. If you love the historical culture, scenery, architecture and also a long walk, this place will be the perfect choice.

The Entrance of Chinese Garden

How to get there?

If you already have the ez-link card and do the top up, it will easier for you just  tap the card and you only think about the route to reach Chinese Garden. You can get the information about the ez-link card and also the MRT map from this LINK. I used MRT from Orchard station, which I thought that it would be easier for me as I live nearby. If you catch the MRT from Orchard station, you may follow my route as follow:

  • From the Orchard station, you may take the North South Line (Red Line) towards Marina South Pier).
  • Count the station for 4 stops, then alight at Raffles Place, change to East West Line (Green Line) towards Joo Kon.
  • After 11 stops, you get off at Chinese Garden Station.

It costed me less than S$5 for a return ticket. But, do not be surprised. In the MRT, there were a lot of passengers sat together with me but most of them get off in City Hall and Raffles Place stations. And the MRT became very empty and quite from Raffles Place to Chinese Garden station. But it was very safe and convenience. The Chinese Garden station is quite small and you will find the Chinese garden are very easy.

What’s inside?

Now, let’s talk about the Chinese Garden itself. This garden can be entered for free and also you may rent the bicycle if you are too tired to walk around the garden as this is a very big garden of 13.5 hectares. I decided to take some walks because I wanted to feel the moment and also enjoying the beauty of scenery and the architecture. In the Chinese Garden complex, there are two gardens that you may enjoy, which are Japanese Garden and Chinese Garden. You can see the direction map near the entrance, so you won’t get lost.


The Direction Map of Japanese Garden & Chinese Garden

I think that this garden helps well to get the serenity, because I could find beautiful ponds with great scenery, streams, a Chinese Pagoda, bonsai trees, and statues of Chinese heroes. When I first arrived in this garden, I chose the Chinese Garden area and my eye get interested in the Pagoda at the front side of the garden. I entered this Pagoda and up to the 2nd floor to catch a great view of the garden from above and also Jurong Lake as well as golf course. This is very beautiful view.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the vicinity of the Pagoda, I found numbers of statues of Chinese heroes and those are also very beautiful. I could see the year that they had been existed.  There were some benches as well nearby the statues. So, if you need some place to hide from the sun or you are just too tired to walk, you may sit there and get some relaxation. The other thing that made this place very convenience that it surround with lots of trees. Even though, the sun was very hot, it was still comfort to have a long walk because there were shady areas.


I would like to share some photos and also the descriptions of some beautiful scenery that I found in both Chinese Garden and Japanese Garden. Hopefully, this picture will give the guidance for you.


I found many groups of people that range from young people to elders took some tours in the garden. There was one local tour leader that told the story of each architecture as well as the historical values to them. Some other people that I find is bicycling. This place was also the perfect track for doing sport beside enjoying the atmosphere. Overall, the atmosphere inside the garden as well as the surround areas was very quiet if compare with Orchard area and other tourist destinations. However, it was still a safe area.

I suggest that you should take some walks instead of cycling because there were many beautiful spots that you may stop and enjoy the environment. 



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Some parts in this garden can be accessed through bridges, which can be a symbolize a good luck.


Beautiful spots and architectural buildings




I will give some tips when visiting Chinese Garden before February 2018:

  • Use flat shoes or slippers instead of high heels. You will have a very long walk.
  • Bring a bottle of water to avoid the dehydration.
  • Bring a sunglasses and an umbrella.
  • Wear a thin layer of shirt
  • Just remember that you can’t smoke inside the garden area, especially in the covered places.


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Chinese Garden is the perfect place to visit during Chinese New Year on February and also in the Mid-Autumn Festival on September.

Get the feel of the local culture along with the time you do shopping!

Thanks for reading!



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