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Singapore Serial: Deal with the Crowd in Marina Bay

Every tourist that has a holiday in Singapore, they definitely visit Marina Bay area. This place is like ‘a must to go’ place while in Singapore because of the beautiful scenery during the daytime as well as at night and also this area has some iconic buildings. However, a crowd is always happened in this area whether on holiday season or just a regular season. Most of them desire to take some photos with the background of the iconic buildings in there and also the scenery. However, the crowd made me uncomfortable. Do we just avoid the Marina Bay area because of the crowd or we try to get the key benefits if we go there and trying to collaborate with the crowd?

After visiting the Chinese Garden, I went to Marina Bay area. At first, I was lazy to visit this area because I did not want to deal with the crowd. I needed the place and area that give me the peaceful feeling. However, I was already in the train within the Green Line (East West Line) from Chinese Garden MRT station, which was the same Line as the line goes to Marina Bay area. So, I decided to go to Marina Bay area for about 2 hours to took some photos of scenery, environment and buildings. From the Chinese Garden MRT station, I get off in the Raffles Place MRT station and I walked along the road by getting through the Fullerton Hotel. From the Fullerton Hotel side, I could across the road to cross the bridge but I decided to went down by crossing the road from under the bridge. It was a bit confusing though, but the bridge in the picture below gave the sign that the stairs just nearby this bridge.


The Bridge nearby the stairs

There were 7 Eleven shop and some restaurants in that areas, so I was be able to eat before crossing. On that time, the weather was very awful. It was the combination between sunny and raining. When I crossed the bridge, it was a heavy raining and I decided to buy the onigiri and Nescafe as my quick lunch from 7 Eleven. I had lunch while waiting until the rain has stopped. The atmosphere was very crowded. Everybody waited for the rain in this area. Some of them waited in 7 Eleven or other restaurants and other waited on the seats in the side of the river.


My Lunch from 7 Eleven

After the rain has stopped, I continued my walk to the most highlighted spot in Marina Bay area. There were some iconic buildings in this area that you might be interested to capture them, which are:

  • Merlion (The big one and a small one)
  • Marina Bay Sands Hotel
  • Marina Bay Sands Sky Park
  • ArtScience Museum
  • Esplanade

My thought was it would be too general if I just take the photo of the buildings. Then I decided to capture the moment, environment, building, scenery and combine all of those. The Esplanade and buildings surround created very beautiful scenery because each building showered different character and those were very strong. Those also get a long with the bridge. I really love this scenery.


Esplanade with other buildings surround

When I arrived at Merlion area, the crowd was very unfriendly. There were thousand of people took some photos on the bridge besides the Merlion. Some of them acted like they catch the water fountain that was sprayed from Merlion and others took photos with their families, friends and also did selfie. I had to queuing to capture photos of the scenery. The best time that I would recommend you to come to this area is at night. The lights of the building give the elegant and romantic atmosphere by combining them with the building shape.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After finished of capturing some photos, I went to the restaurant that was located in front of the mini Merlion statue to have the proper lunch. Apologize for forgetting the name of the restaurant but it will be easy to be found. I have ordered a hot of cappuccino and a kind of chicken finger with the chili sauce. This restaurant could be the perfect place for resting after get through the crowd and enjoying the Marina Bay area.


In my opinion, the Marina Bay area would be one of the interesting destination, especially if you want to have the perfect pictures of scenery and lights. A night visit would be a great decision.

Thanks for reading.

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