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Singapore Serial : Get the Peaceful Feeling in Gardens by the Bay

In order to get a calm heart, we should be in the place that has a good aura to be absorbed in ourselves to get the comfort feeling. Different people will have different ways to gain that good aura. For instance, beaches, mountain, cafes, malls, city atmosphere and gardens will be the places that most people likely to choose during their leisure time. Which place do you prefer to refresh your mind and heart?

In order to refresh my mind during my leisure time, I am a typical of person who prefer to go to the mountain and cafes for days. I did not like to do shopping for whole week and I love being in my favorite place and enjoy the atmosphere. I know that cafes are not the typical place to give the calm atmosphere, but I love to sit there and enjoy the environment, especially the music. That would be enough to made my day.

Therefore, I did not put gardens as the planned destination while I was in Singapore. That was actually at my first though. I had one free day to do nothing and I do not want to spent my whole day in Orchard Road because it was too crowded and I did not like the crowded places. Then, I browsed the interesting place that had the potential spots for me to take some photos for one full day. Gardens by the Bay was the chosen place because it stated in the brochure that it is the world’s largest glass greenhouse (Flower Dome) and also I wanted to walked through the OCBC Skyway.


OCBC Skyway and Supertree Grove

How to get there?

The access was very easy from Orchard area. However, if you stay nearby the MRT stations, that also very easy to be reached. The thing that you should concern while taking the MRT to Gardens by the bay would be the MRT line that should be taken. You just look at the MRT map and follow the route and it would be fine. I will share my MRT route from Orchard Station to Gardens by the Bay.

  • Choose the MRT Line that goes to Marina Bay Station from Orchard Station.
  • Get off in the Marina Bay Station and get off in Bayfront station.
  • For the return direction, you can follow the direction in reverse.

In the Bayfront Station, I just follow the signage that was written Gardens by the Bay and it took me 5 to 10 minutes walk from the station to the ticketing.

My Story Inside the Garden


Ticketing Center

Actually, this garden can be accessed for free by foot, except the places that required the admissions for entering, such as One Conservatory (S$12), Two Conservatories (S$20) and OCBC Skyway (S$8). When I arrived in this garden, it was a heavy raining and I decided to take a shuttle service to drive me around the garden, which was costed me $3. However, the shuttle car only drove me until the Flower Dome and I had to take a walk around the garden.

If it is possible, it would be great if you take a walk instead of taking shuttle as you might see more interesting sights and moments in the whole garden, starting from the entrance.

When I was in there, the environment was so crowded because of the holiday season. However, when I walked around the garden the crowded was split because there were many pathways that can be choose by visitors.

The hallway inside the garden were also provided with signage with clear directions of each destination. The space of the hallway was adequate to accommodate numbers of visitors that walk through every minutes.

What are my favorite things inside the garden?

Beautiful Flowers

The plants inside the garden were very healthy and fresh. I really like to see the growth of numbers of flowers in here as there were many types of flowers that can be seen.

Calm Atmosphere

I really like the environment as it gave me a very calm atmosphere. Therefore, I was not afraid of getting lost inside the garden because it was too big. This place gave the safety feeling for me. I think that green atmosphere would be the answer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Many Types of Fish that I could See

Proper Restaurants were Provided

In almost at the end of the hallway, there were the groups of restaurants that provided variety of foods and beverage. I really love this place because the restaurants were very neat and had the proper environment. I also able to choose many kinds of foods. This place was very good for you to have some rests after a long walk.

My Tips

  • As this garden is very big garden, you might be too enjoy in walking through the garden and get confused at the end of the road. Always pay attention to the signage and also the crowd.
  • I know that the flowers were very beautiful, but do not ever to pick the flowers or plants inside the garden.
  • If you want to take MRT to other stations, you can get the access inside the garden. It means that you don’t have to walk along the way to the entrance.
  • Always bring hat, umbrella and wear sunglasses. On last December, the weather kept changing every minutes and I did not want a water spill into my camera.


I hope my story can give you the inspiration for your next travel destination. Thanks for reading.


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