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Singapore Serial : Explore Chinatown for 2 hours

Chinatown area in every city often famous with culinary, a night market and the souvenirs with the best price. Sometimes, people spent their time in Chinatown area for a day just to enjoy various culinary and do some shopping. This area is one of the attractive area to be visited. How about if you only have 2 hours in this area but you do not want to missed anything good in there?


When I was in Singapore, I only had 2 hours to explore the Chinatown area but I still want to explore the whole things. I know that it was impossible, but I choose the most interesting for me that can’t be missed. What are there?

  • Tintin Shop

Actually, I was already curious with this shop since I was in Jakarta while preparing the travel itinerary. I knew that some Tintin Shops are already existed in other countries, such as Europe. This is one of the reason why I really wanted to visit this shop in Singapore. Tintin Shops is allocated in Pagoda Street, Chinatown area that was in the left side of the road between the Chinatown Station and Sri Mariamman Temple. I did some interesting review about Tintin Shop in this LINK.

  • Souvenir Shops

If you search for the souvenirs, you will be in love with the shops in Chinatown area. There are numbers of souvenir shops that offer very cheap prices for all items that they sell. These shops are easy to be found since you get out from the Chinatown Station in the exit of Pagoda Street. You may do some surveys in some shops along Pagoda Street and do the price comparative. Personally, I get confused if I do the survey because most of the shops sell the same products but with different prices. The products are also very variety and unique. For me, this place is highly recommended to search the creative goods as well as buying the souvenirs with the best price.

  • Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

I love to visit the place that have historical value as well as the place of prayer. Another reason to visit the Chinatown area would be visiting Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. This building built in 2007, which richly designed interiors and comprehensive exhibits on Buddhist art and history tell stories of culture over hundreds of years old. This would be the interesting place to visit. You may see people pray and also the beauty of culture.


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  • Sri Mariamman Temple

This temple is allocated at the end of Pagoda Road. Actually, I did not entry this temple because there will be some requirements to bring the camera in. The reasons to entry this temple would be see the religious ceremony and taking some pictures. Therefore, I decided to see the ceremony and took pictures from outside. Sri Mariamman Temple is the oldest Hindu Temple since 1827. If you have a chance, you may entry this temple to see the beauty from inside. I could not get the proper photo from outside though.

  • Some Cute Vintage Building

There were some old building or vintage building that were allocated in the road in front of Sri Mariamman Temple. Even though, the building have not been renovated, they showered the beauty of historical building. These are some photos of them.

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Those are the places that I visited while I was in Chinatown area for only 2 hours. In my opinion, 2 hours that would be enough for the explorations because I had to get through the crowd of tourists. There were thousand of tourists attract to come to this area to get the cheapest price for souvenirs and also get the best culinary.

Hopefully, my short story will give you a guidance for planning your next journey. Thanks for reading.


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