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Singapore Serial : Enjoying the time in Starbucks


If you do traveling for work, spending about one hour in the comfort place is very important. I know it is not common for some people, but it works well for me in balancing the holiday moment and do some working tasks. How did I do that and how?

For me, traveling means a work because I have to get some interesting sources to put in my blog and also to captures some photos to be sold. I visited the most recommended places in the city that I traveled to and also the places that haven’t been recommended yet. This is the challenging task for me because I have to do the time management properly and also maintain my body to stay healthy. The other challenge thing would be compiling my sources, which need extra time to finish the compilation. Overall, I really love what I am doing because I can documented some results based on my passion. During my pre-traveling, I used to prepare the travel itinerary as my guidance that consist of the interesting places that I desired to visit.

This post talks about my experience while I traveled to Singapore last December 2017. I did some visit to some tourist destinations and took some photos to be documented. I did some review on those places in my “Singapore Serial” blog that you may be interested to review. It was really tiring and fun. However, I had to spend about 2 hours everyday to do make a draft for my blog and compile all of my sources. As I stayed in Orchard area, it was really easy to find the cozy place that able to support me to do those stuffs. Finally, I decided to spend about 1 hour in the morning in Starbucks to make a note of the blog content that I want to write that day and the next day. And after I finished my journey on that day, I went to Starbucks again and spent on another 1 hour to compile all of the sources and did some writing. Actually, I was able to do it at the hotel but I preferred to finish my work in outdoor.

Actually, any kinds of cafes are able to support us to finish our working tasks during traveling. What are the factors that should be considered in choosing the best places to finish the work?

Those are the factors that I used to consider before choosing the cafe for my working time. And this would be the reason why I choose Starbucks on my last traveling, because most of Starbucks cafes in Singapore able to provide me the above factors, which made me very convenience and attracted to return the day after.

Do you have any favorite cafe that you usually visit during traveling?

Thanks for reading……