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Singapore Serial : My First Time Food while in Singapore

Every city has its own uniqueness, in terms of foods, beverages, places, cultures or even people. We never know those uniqueness, if we never get engaged in each situation. These differentiation will be the useful sources for the interesting story creation or even the memorable experience. 

Try the new things is my favorite hobby while traveling, especially in the matter of food tasting. Whatever the taste is, I really love to do such experience and it would give me some memorable experiences. Every city has its own local foods that differentiated with other city’s. The name may be the same with others but there will be the different in taste.

On my first day in Singapore, I tried to had lunch in the food center in Shaw Center, Orchard Road. At first, I get confused because there are many food stalls that offer variety of foods, which are also interesting to be tasted. Finally, I really want to try the Cereal Tempura Fried Rice. I found this menu in the Japanese food stall and I find this would be interested for my late lunch. This menu came in the package with rice, sunny side up eggs, slices of cucumbers and tomatoes, seaweed soup and a cup of sweet chili sauce. The tempura is presented in the form of fried foods and they put sprinkling of cereal at the top of fried tempura. The rice and egg will be allocated side by side with tempura. The seaweed soup is very nice for refreshing throat after eating fried foods. I find this menu is very unique because tempura usually presented in the noodle soup with sweet potatoes. Overall, the portion of this package is very large, especially for woman. My suggestion is do some sharing with friends, so you will have the better taste without feeling satiety. The price of the package is also affordable, which is around $7 – $10 per package, and you will feel full for 4 – 6 hours.

Cereal Tempura Fried Rice

The second food that I tried while I was in Singapore was the Mushroom Soup. I find this menu in Chinese Restaurant in Changi Airport, if I am not mistaken. Honestly, the taste was very weird for my tongue. It is boiled mushrooms made in the form of soup. The weird thing was the broth that contain in the soup,  which was I did not know what kind of broth was that. For me, this menu is not recommended for a lunch menu or even for snack or appetizer. The price is also more expensive than Cereal Tempura Fried Rice.

This post is only my sharing about two new foods that I have tried, while I was in Singapore. Do you have any experience in trying new foods or beverages while traveling? Are their taste delicious or odd?

Thanks for reading.


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