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Can We Get Our Facial Skin Glow with Black Ginseng Gold Mask?

To get the facial skin glow and be moisturized all the time will be the most women dream about. There will be maximum efforts of using variety of beauty products or even do the beauty treatment regularly just to get the beautiful and healthy skin without concerning to the age. Then, we must be SMART in choosing the right beauty products that suitable with our skin or selecting the right treatment method. HOW?

A beauty treatment is my favorite thing to do every day, whether in morning or night. I used to do the daily skincare routine and also a weekly basis. I won’t skip a single step even though I am busy at that time or just tired. I really addicted to the skincare routine because I like the feel after doing the treatment. I feel that my skin is very moisturized, healthy, brightened and glowing. And I find out other long last benefit as well. What is that?

Around 3 months ago, there was the moment that I had less mood in doing my beauty routine. I just used the Oil-Free Moisture from Neutrogena during my daytime without any compact powder application and I also sprayed my facial skin regularly with BEIB as a beauty water to refresh my skin and also to moisturized my skin instantly without needing extra efforts. There were only those two skincare products that I used at that time as I really comfort to use those two products to protect my skin. However, as I already do the skincare routine on a regular basis previously, my skin turns out to be moisturized and chewy automatically. Therefore, I don’t have to be worry if I am not able to apply the whole stages of skincare routine for some times as long as I do the skincare routine as a regular base.

Black Ginseng Gold Mask from DEARPACKER

Putting the mask on my face will be one of my favorite things to do every Sunday. I usually apply it after using the exfoliating scrub and a facial massage. A Black Ginseng Gold Mask? Actually, this packaging is my first try because of my curiosity with the ingredients and also with the interesting packaging.

Where I found a Black Ginseng Gold Mask?

At first, I thought that this product was owned by the Face Shop because I found the product display inside the Face Shop store in Singapore. When I saw the box, it was stated that this product is produced by DEARPACKER, which is also from Korea. It was the different brand from the Face Shop, but I don’t know what was the relationship between those two brands.

First Impression

Honestly, the first impression of this mask was the packaging and the statement of GOLD containing in the mask. The packaging box was designed so gorgeous and the bottle inside is also have the elegance look. The other thing that I was triggered to purchase this mask was the information that were given by the sales promotion girl. She said that it contains rich nutrients and moisturizing finishes. It also gives the skin improvement in wrinkles and whitening effect. As I had my skin burned at that time, I really need this kind of mask to get my healthy skin back.


In the packaging box, they provide the spatula that aim to scope the mask and then apply the jell throughout the face. Bottle itself is packaged very organized. It has the master cover and the small lid inside. It will protect the jell from come out of the bottle. Therefore, I can say that this packaging is very safe if you want to put it in the luggage during traveling.

My Experience in Using this Product

As I see in, this product contains Vitamin B3, B5 and Betine. It also has the 24K gold and black ginseng, which is claim to help me in keeping my skin young and healthy. This product has the jell texture but when I apply it throughout my face, I won’t feel sticky in my skin. Therefore, I feel very convenience during the application. And it also can spread evenly in only few minutes. The mask also can be well-absorbed into my skin. The thing that I am interested about this mask, the jell has some gold particles that can be seen easily when I open the bottle. And it gives the confidence to me that my skin will get glow because of the those particles.

How to Use

I used to apply this mask after I apply the exfoliating scrub and do the facial massage every week. I need to ensure that my skin is already clean before applying the mask, which means that I used to apply toner as well. When I read in Amazon, this mask supposed to be applied as a sleeping mask. However, I don’t feel convenience to apply this kind of mask during sleep. I prefer to use the lotion type of sleeping mask instead. Back to the Black Ginseng Gold Mask, it supposed to be applied in your face for 15 minutes but I used to leave it for about more than an hour for the maximum results.

After Use Effects

After applying this mask, I feel my facial skin very moisturised and the skin feels firmer and more supple. However, after a month of usage I couldn’t find the glowing effect and my skin has not brighter yet. I will wait the effect after 3 months.

Does this product recommended?

If you need to get your skin brighter in short period of time, I recommend you to use the Purifying Mask Palmer’s. This product will make your skin brighter after application. And if you need extra moisturiser for your skin, this Black Ginseng Gold Mask will works well for your skin.

Do you have any recommended facial mask?

Thanks for reading.


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