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How to Compromise with Aging by Using the Essence Water from L’OREAL?

Every people will face the aging, no matter how we try to hold it back. It usually appear under the eye and the sides of nose in the specific ages. In fact, we can’t deny and ignore this situation. The only we can do is trying to compromise with the aging and minimize the wrinkle in the face. Why? Because it will make our face not fresh and also our face will look less moisturized. How we can be friend with the aging?

In compromising with the aging, there are many products that purpose to eliminate the wrinkles or event reduce it and give extra moisturizer for the aging skin. Therefore, we have to be smart and selective in choosing the right product for our skin as the facial skin usually more sensitive than the body skin.

What do I usually do to maintain my skin in my 40’s years old?

I do not do something special to treat the aging skin but I do the regular treatment for the daily basis, which are:

  • Put the Essence Water after cleansing my facial skin and put the toner on.
  • Apply the facial serum
  • Apply the BB Cream or Moisturizer as a base before continuing with face powder

Those are for my daytime skincare routine. For the night, I used to apply the 99% Jeju Fresh Aloe Soothing Gel from the SAEM after applying the toner and before put the Essence Water on. I used to change the moisturizer with the night cream for a night time and continue with the eye cream of Anti – Aging Formula from the Therapy. By doing those routine everyday, I don’t have to worry in facing the aging period, because my skin already have enough moisturizer and healthy. However, we can ignore the changing of skin texture though and I tried to put a bit of aging element within my skincare product.

L’OREAL – Revitalift Essence Water

Honestly, I haven’t try this product previously. I used to use SK II Facial Treatment Essence, Pure White Brightening Essence from the SAEM, and Innisfree Green Tea Fresh Essence. For both Essence products from the SAEM and Innisfree have the lotion texture, which different with te SK II. When I see the Revitalift Essence Water from L’OREAL, it reminds me of the SK II Essence Water. It is a water based type of Essence, which is claimed as a watery and powerful Anti-Aging Essence.

What are the inside?

As it stated in the box, Revitalift Essence Water has infused Centella Asiatica extract into its outstanding anti-fine lines and firming skin formula. It is a very good formula though but to be honest, when I look into this product, I didn’t think about the formula itself. My first thought was the freshness look that came out from the liquid.


In my opinion, the packaging is very elegant. It is made from a very thick of glass in a 130 ml bottle. The lid is also very thick and it covers the hole very well. Therefore, you don’t have to be worry to get the liquid spilled out in your bag or luggage. The challenge thing would be when I planned to bring this Essence Water during traveling. It won’t be spilled out but the bottle is too heavy for the traveling purpose. You may move the Essence Water to the smaller container. However, I, personally, do not like to change the packaging for my skincare products. Because, I feel the ingredients can be contaminated with the air. And this Essence Water will be great product for at home usage.

How to Use

This Essence Water can be used every morning and night on cleansed face and neck. I don’t know how the proper way to apply this skincare product. I used to apply it by putting in my palm and tap the liquid throughout my face and neck. I prefer to use hand instead of cotton pad because the ingredients will be absorbed more into the skin. I leave it for about 3 minutes until the liquid dry and continue with the serum application.

How I feel After the Application

After applying the Essence Water from L’OREAL regularly, I feel my skin more hydrated and healthier. But I haven’t see the astonishing effect in my skin for around 3 months usage. And I still have to do separate treatments to remove blackheads that usually appear in my nose. Maybe, I have to wait for longer to have the real result.

Next Purchase?

For the next purchase, I will see what the result will appear in face. As this product is costly, I prefer to purchase the cheaper one with the same result. But, I still have to wait for the result before make my decision.

Do you have your favorite Essence Water product? Please share to us!

Thanks for reading.


  1. Is the famous SK2 FTE count as essence? i used it few years ago. A colleague introduced me to Sensei from Kanebo, then I switched. Both felt great in my skin. The kanebo essence was discontinued, ntah mengapa gw malas balik FTE lagi. Price abt the same. Then, KOSE brand made a demo in my office, and had a great offer. i used it essence ever since, wrote once in my blog


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