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To Get the Proper Look with Less Makeup during Traveling


Who wants to bring a lot of makeup during traveling? Who desires to be pretty during holiday? Who need to have a fresh looking during the break? I am responsible to answer those questions because my answer would be “ME”. The issue would be “how to be pretty in the simple way? ” Actually, this becomes the challenge because it will be impossible to bring all skincare and makeup that we used to use while at home as the luggage will be full only for those beauty stuffs. I would like to share my story on how I manage my makeup for the traveling purpose.

During traveling, we just want all things to be simple and compact. We don’t want to be complicated just to manage our stuffs, especially if we are traveling as a backpacker. For me, makeup will be one of the essential stuff that should be brought during traveling. I just don’t want to look messy or pale during traveling. The fresh look will be the must thing that we should have as we need to have a fresh feeling on the holiday. However, I don’t want to put my whole makeup that I used to apply at home in my luggage. I will give you the tips in choosing the makeup that suitable during traveling. Just keep in mind that it should be simple and compact.

The makeup products that should be brought during traveling

During traveling, the small makeup pouch would be enough to put the whole makeup in the bag. I prefer to put my makeup in the bag instead of in the luggage because I need to do the touch up regularly, especially if I have a long flight. I just don’t want to look messy on the arrival gate. The preventive of spilling out the liquid or the broken makeup tools because of being stacked up between clothes in the luggage would be my other reason why I put those stuffs in my bag. However, it seems impossible if I put all makeup in my small makeup pouch. It will be too heavy for me to put in my shoulder for more than 6 hours per day. So, what are my makeup that I used to bring during traveling?

1. Compact Powder

I believe this product is the most important makeup tools for most women. We usually need it as the tool to make our skin look fresh and minimize the tiring look. I used to apply a thin layer of the powder with a light colour. I don’t like to wear a heavy makeup during traveling because I feel the makeup will clog my skin pores. The light colour will give the effect in getting the brighter skin tone and also this colour can give me the fresh look. In terms of the powder application, I used to apply it by using the powder brush. However, that would be more simple if I just use the powder sponge for the application during traveling as I do not have to bring the brush in the separate place. However, the result would be different between using the brush and the sponge. The natural skin look and more blended result will be gained if we apply the powder with the brush and the matte skin look will be the end result after applying by the powder sponge. I am fine with both results as my skin will look tidy and fresh.

2. Compact Size of Perfume

In general situation, I prefer to spray my body with the body spray because my body will feel fresh and awake. During traveling, I never bring the body spray and put in the travel luggage, but I used to buy it in the first day of arrival in the city of arrival. It means that I still use the spray to refresh my body skin. To make the body fragrant, I always bring the compact size of perfume in my makeup pouch. I was really happy when I found ZARA brand issued numbers of fragrance perfume with variety of bottle sizes, including the roll on form. This is a very compatible size to put in my bag. In terms of the application, it is very easy to be applied in my neck and my wrist. The fragrant is also very calm and gentle.

3. The Stand Out Lipstick Colour

The stand out colour will be my preferred lipstick colour that I used to apply in my lip during traveling. I choose this colour because I just wear a very simple makeup during traveling and this colour will enlightening my look during the day. It means my skin colour won’t be look pale and I still have the proper look because of this lipstick colour. The red colour and the chocolate-maroon are my favorite colour that I used to put in the bag.

My tips:

4. Lip Balm

The lip balm is also the essential makeup tools or the lip care product that I used to bring during traveling. I never put my lipstick on without applying the lip balm as my first layer. I also applying during the night before sleep. It will moisturized my lip in without worried of the weather.

5. Concealer

The concealer also my essential makeup that I used to apply it under my eyes, my nose lines and my jawlines. There is no purpose to hide my acne or hide my under circle line. The light colour of concealer will enlighten my eyes area and also give the fresh shades on my face, which give the face more lively the whole day.

6. Blush On

The fresh blush on colour will give the fresh look in your face even though you have a very tiring face. The medium level of bright colour will give you the freshness and also it can support the shading effect on your jawlines as the blush on colour can give the blended effect as the final result of your look. During traveling or on a hectic day, I prefer to use the dark pink colour blush-on stick that contain a bit of shimmer. I always use SAEM blush-on stick because the colour won’t be too stand out but it gives the cheerful as well as the freshness look on my face, which is still a natural look. The shimmer is also able to blended out with the colour, which the freshness will be showered from both colours.

My Tips:

7. Eyebrow

The calm colour of eyebrow will be my choice to have the natural look during the journey. The brown colour will be the chosen colour. I won’t say too long about this point because most of women understand on how important the eyebrow will be to give the character on our face. The eyebrow with the brush will be a “must makeup tool” that I always bring in my bag, though I only do the eyebrow touch up very rarely. I used to apply the eyebrow in the morning before starting the activity. But I still feel safe if I bring the eyebrow everytime I go. So, if I find out my eyebrow has a broken line, I am able to fix it straight away.

My Tips:

Please share your favorite makeup during traveling.

Thanks for reading.