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Remove the Lip Stain by Ferment Snail Lip Treatment from TONYMOLY

The dry lips and skin lips peeled are often happened because of less treatment to the lips and it can also be caused by the change of weather. How can we treat our lips like we treat our skin regularly?

In doing the skincare treatment, it is not only focusing on the facial skin and the body only. The lips treatment would be another treatment that we should consider about, because there are many formulas or ingredients that are being absorbed into the lips through lipstick, lip liner and also colored lip-gloss. The routine treatment can prevent the skin lip of being dryness or peeled cause by the absorbed chemical ingredients. Then, the skin lip will be healthy and moisturized properly.

I used to have the lips treatment on a daily base by applying the vitamin for lips, lip gloss or lip balm every morning and night. In terms of a weekly treatment, I used to scrub my lips and continue with the application of the sleeping mask for my lips. I need to do the regular treatment for my lip on a regular basis as I used to apply the matte lipstick every day. Therefore, I need to keep my lips be moisturized and healthy.

In fact, I have got some stains on my lip that are caused by scars and there are really hard to be removed. I tried to scrub twice a week but those still exist in my lips. Then, I went to TONYMOLY store and one of the sales person gave me the solution by introducing the Ferment Snail Lip Treatment. I know that the snail ingredient is really popular in the skincare world, but I just heard that ingredient works well for lips. Then, I have a try for this lip treatment.

What did the sales person said to me about this product?

This product is very good as a daily treatment and it can be used as a lip base before applying the lipstick. It can protect my skin lip and also it can replace the dead skin.

How can I describe about the product as well as the packaging?

The packaging is like a balm with a small tube of transparent bottle made by glass and it covered by a tight lid. Even-though the packaging is very small, it consists of a very solid transparent gel that can be used for more than 6 months. Because, I am able to apply a very little amount of gel for my whole lips and it will stays whole day.

Tips: This product works well with the matte lipstick application because of the gel texture is very solid and it is hard to be blended with the glossy or medium matte of lipstick. I tried to apply a medium level of matte lipstick and it is faded easily after application.

Why I love this Lip Treatment?

Because, it can ……..

  • Moisturized my lip
  • Heal my chapped lip
  • Make my lip soft
  • Change my mood because it has a mint and fresh smells

But ……..

  • It did not remove my stains
  • When I did not apply this lip treatment, my lip became very dry and chapped. It means that I cannot stop using it

How to use this Lip Treatment?

I used to apply this lip treatment on a clean lip every morning and night with a very thin layer of gel. However, I never use this lip treatment under the lip mask to avoid the over ingredients that are being absorbed into my lip.

Next Purchase?

It depends on how this lip treatment works well in removing the stains on my lips.

Do you have any input of the lip treatment that can remove the stains? I really appreciate it if you share your experience …….

Thanks for reading


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