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Less Fluffy Hair with LUCIDO-L Hair Vitamin Oil

Every woman wishes to have the healthy hair as beauty as their skin. However, the hair condition depends on the season that we face in current time. Spending a long hour in salon will be the last choice, especially for busy women. It will be costly and the time is spent to much just sitting in salon with doing nothing. Are there any simple way to treat our hair while doing daily routines?

Living in the tropical country is not easy that people would think. There are different treatment for skin and also for hair. Based on my experience when I lived in Australia, my skin was very healthy and fully moisturized. My hair was also very healthy and easy to arrange. However, it was different condition when I live in Indonesia as it is a tropical country. My skin becomes very sensitive, especially while absorbing any heavy chemical ingredients that contains in skincare products and cosmetics. The most obvious thing is my hair condition. It becomes very dry and fluffy. I feel inconvenient because of this condition.

I went to salon to fix my hair and also do some hair treatment, such as cream-bath, hair spa and smoothing that purpose to make my hair healthy and have the proper look everyday. However, it was very costly to do such treatments. Then, I decided to do the hair treatment at home as it is very economic and less time spent. Another challenge is finding the right hair treatment products that suitable with my hair types, which is very difficult.

When I went to Guardian, I find LUCIDO-L Triple Beauty Hair Vitamin Oil for hair. I choose the orange color that is purposed for damaged hair. This cute 50 ml plastic bottle with unique shape has attract my eyes and I decided to try this product.

Why I choose this product?

Honestly, the first reason to choose this product was because I just want to do the hair treatment at home with a simple way instead of having more than 2 hours to treat my hair at salon. It will take only 30 seconds to do the treatment, which is more efficient and effective.

What are LUCIDO-L Hair Vitamin Oil consist of?

As it is claimed in the packaging, it stated that it contains a combination of Olive Oil and Moisturizing Agent to help in making the damage hair become shiny, smooth and moist. It contains vitamin A, C and E.

Does it have the unique packaging?

The packaging is very creative and unique. It is a small plastic bottle with a tight lid. To remove the oil, there is the small pump that is easy to be pushed. This packaging is very convenient if you want to bring it during traveling because it will less risk for the oil to be spilled out from the bottle.

How to use this oil?

I used to get 2 pumps of Lucido-L vitamin oil and rubbed swab in hand . Then I continue to apply it in all over my hair after washing it. I used to massage my hair during the application and let the oil be absorbed for 2 -3 minutes.

What is the effect after the application?

I feel my hair is healthier and it becomes very easy to organized. It becomes less fluffy and I am confident in doing the outdoor activities with the healthy hair and got the proper look.

Do you have any recommended brands that are good for damaged and dry hair?

Thanks for reading.


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