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Get the Natural Look by BROWZ IT! from australis

“We can’t leave our house without putting the eyebrow properly”. That would be most women have a thought and say it loudly. But how to get the proper shape of eyebrow in only less than 1 minute?

Eyebrow shape will become the key factor to get the proper look. It works for most women. Because our looks depend on the color of the eyebrow and also the shape. We can look sad, sick, angry and other expressions because of the eyebrow. This is the reason why we spend some times just to draw the eyebrow to get the shape based on our expectations.

In my case, originally I have very thick eyebrows but I trim them into very thin shape. Then, I have to set the eyebrow with the natural color before starting the day. Believe it or not, I can change my mood by having the proper eyebrow shape. However, I don’t have much time to set my eyebrow every morning because I have to face 2 hours traffic jam. So, I have to find the simple eyebrow kit that can be brought everywhere and also can support the application faster.

I bought the eyebrow perfecting kit that is named BROWZ IT! from australis brand when I travel to Singapore. Actually, this is an Australian brand but I never tried this product previously. It is a very simple kit that I can put in my makeup pouch and bring it everywhere I go.

This eyebrow kit contains 3 colours with soft textures, which are light, medium and dark brown. I choose the brown tone because I love the natural tone on my daily makeup. This kit also contains the small eyebrow tweezer and a two-sided small brushes. The small mirror is also attached in the side of the package. I can say that it is a very simple kit but complete enough. I am able to bring it for traveling as well.

In terms of the colour, I used to use the dark brown colour in shapping my eyebrow. Because it can make my eyebrow colour looks very natural but it still make the strong shape. The lighter colour can works well to give the strong shape effect in the eyebrow but I apply it very rarely as I already have a very thin line of eyebrows. However, the texture is very creamy, which means that I have to apply it very softly and follow the existing eyebrow shape unless it will have a fake shape at the end. Then, I have to brush it over after the application to make the shape look very natural.

Tips: This creamy texture won’t be the right choice in creating the new shape of the eyebrow as this texture will look like a paint that stick on your eyebrow areas. It is the perfect choice just to set the eyebrow without creating the new shape.

Please share your favorite eyebrow colour..

Thanks for reading….

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