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Keep on Natural by Sephora Lip Cream

The face character can be created through the makeup. How to choose the right makeup color that match with your skin tone and create the character as natural as possible?

The natural look will be the dream for most women in wearing their daily makeup. However, some of them prefer to have the bright and strong colors of makeup to express their characters strongly. And some others prefer to have the natural look for daily makeup. The thing that we have to consider in choosing the natural makeup color would be the avoidance for not having the pale look. If we choose the wrong color, we will have the pale look easily.

I will talk about the lipstick color in this post. The color of lipstick will have the majority roles in creating the personal character. According to my skin tone, which is COOL, I have to apply red, pink and purple colors to make my face brighter. However, I have less confidence to use those colors but I prefer to use the natural colors, such as chocolate, burgundy, dark purple and other natural lipstick colors. If you want to know about the right color that match with your skin tone, you may check my previous post in this LINK.

Sephora Lip Cream

Actually, I have some difficulties in finding the right matte lip cream that have the even texture, especially after long hours of usage. After I find ZAM lipstick, which are still my favorite, I try to find another lip cream for my other options.

This will be the signage when the lipstick or lip cream formula is not suitable with the lips.

  • The lips will feel itchy and dry after using the lip cream or lipstick.
  • The lips will be irritated and feel hot.
  • The lipstick color won’t be blended with the lip balm or lip gloss.
  • The color also won’t be appear perfectly or uneven color as the result.

When I did some browsing in Sephora store, I find the cute color of Sephora lip cream. It is number 23 with the mixture color of purple, red and chocolate and it is the MATTE COLOUR. There brand name is SEPHORA with no other name sounded in the packaging.

The lipstick packaging is small enough and it is very simple to put in the bag or in the makeup pouch without disturbing the space. Like a lip cream in general, it has the small applicator for applying the lip cream. This applicator can make the color smeared evenly.

Why I LOVE the SEPHORA Lip Cream?

  • The Color — The color is very natural but it won’t give the pale look for me. It gives me the bright look but natural instead.
  • The Lip Cream Texture — Usually, when I used the Ferment Snail Lip Treatment from TONYMOLY as the lip base, the lipstick or lip cream color won’t appear as expectation. And with this SEPHORA Lip Cream, the texture can be blended perfectly and bring out the even color.
  • The Acceptable Formula — As I mentioned in my previous posts, that my skin is very sensitive and I am able to detect which product that suitable for my skin. This lip cream has the acceptable formula for my lip skin. My skin is not irritated but still healthy and moisturized.
  • The Long Lasting Color — The color will stay for more than 6 hours, even though after eating period. I rarely do the touch up with this lip cream because the color is not yet faded until noon. However, I used to re-apply it because I just want to make sure that the color is still there.

Repurchase ?

Definitely YES! I really love this lip cream. The small one but have a strong effect for my lips.

Tell me your favorite lipstick or lip cream !

Thanks for reading.


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