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Cover Your Acne with Mineral Foundation Compact from Sephora

The foundation will be one of the heavy makeup products, especially for the daily usage. However, we need it to cover the uneven skin texture. How to chose the right foundation as a skin coverage with simple application?

In running the daily routine, the perfect makeup will boost the mood because we will have the perfect look to be showed off. A lot of makeup products are being chosen to support the look and sometimes we are depending on them. The foundation is one of the makeup products that are being depending of. It can give the extra coverage and give the perfect look from morning until night.

There will be some challenges that we usually face in choosing the right foundation for the skin. As having the very sensitive skin, the foundation ingredients can lock the pores easily and it can boost the acne to be appeared and ruin the look. I found the Sephora Mineral Foundation Compact from the Sephora Store and I decided to try it. It will be very simple to be used because it is already in the compact form. Therefore, I don’t have to be worry for the uneven application throughout my face.

It is stated in the packaging that this product consists No Paraben, No Fragrance, No Allergen, Oil Free and No Talk. Honestly, I don’t take these points as my buying factors. My first thought before buying would be the simple package of foundation with the sponge and mirror inside the package. And some people said that Sephora brand is a good brand but people have many choices when entry the Sephora store.

When I applied this foundation throughout my face, I feel that it covered my uneven skin texture perfectly since morning until night and it can also cover my acne very well. As I use the mat – tan color for the foundation, the color will leave the red nuance on my face and I continue to apply the compact powder to camouflage the red nuance and blending with the natural color.

There are some tips to use this foundation:

  • Use the toner, facial essence, facial serum, and moisturizer before applying the foundation. Those skincare products will be functioned as a base to avoid the skin irritation that can be caused by the heavy formula of the foundation.
  • Don’t ever use this foundation without applying the moisturizer to avoid the dryness effect.
  • Don’t use this foundation during the acne period or if you feel that your skin in the sensitive moment. The heavy formula that consist in the foundation can boost the acne easily.

There are many types of foundation that we prefer to use as our daily makeup. How about your foundation preference?

Thank you for reading.


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