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A Bright Lipstick Color with Wardah Exclusive Matte Lip Cream

Using a too bright or a brighter color lip cream will give the obvious effect on our look, which can be support our daily look or it can also damage our look instantly. It is a challenge thing to do but kinda fun though!

The bright color of lipstick or lip cream can support our look if we choose the right color that match with our skin tone. This kind of color can brightened our face even though we use the less make up or even having a pale look. I used to use the red color on my lips if I do not have the tendency to wear full make up for the day but I still have to look proper. In my opinion, as a woman, we must have at least 1 bright color lipstick as a tool to make our face bright during hectic and sick periods.

What are the benefit of using the RED LIPSTICK to make our day more fun?

  • If we are lazy to wear the full makeup, the red lipstick can bright our whole face and we are still have the proper look for the day.
  • We do not have to do touch up often when we use the red lip color, even though we are having our lunch or dinner. The color will stay longer than the nude color.
  • Using the thin line of eyeliner will work perfectly if we use the red lip color as a package. We won’t look pale or not fresh, because the red lip color will cover the fatigue effect. On the other hand, the thick eyeliner will make the whole makeup look fake if we use the red lipstick.

I only have few bright lipstick colors as I have less confidence to use it during the working time. One of the bright colors that I have is the lip cream from Wardah Eclusive Matte Lip Cream. I choose number 12 with PLUM color. Wardah is the Indonesian brand and it is very popular not only with makeup products but also with skincare.

As this brand keep updating the lip cream colour, I decided to try the lip cream as it looks very good on ads. The PLUM color is bright enough if I apply it on my lips during the daytime. However, it would be perfectly fine during night time. Actually, tt is not purely a PLUM color but it is the combination between PLUM, RED, and PINK colors. Overall, I can say that the color is a beautiful bright color.


The Packaging

The packaging of this lip cream is like other lip creams in general. It comes in the tube form that made from solid plastic with the applicator inside. The lid is strong enough and we don’t have to worry to find out that the cream has spilled out. However, we have to check properly before buying, especially on the applicator. The original brand will have the short straight applicator and the fake brand will have the longer applicator and slightly tilted. I couldn’t feel the different with the lip cream itself but it is still better if we buy the original brand.


The Lip Cream Texture

The texture of this lip cream is a bit thick and it will effect the application process. If we apply the lip cream too much, it will clot in some spots and we have to flatten the color to make it even. My suggestion would be just put the thin layer on the first stage and smooth the color before applying the second stage. Therefore, the end color will be more even and tidy.

After Use Effect

In my opinion, the color is matte enough but it is to thick as the lip cream. I feel that the color is too obvious in covering my lips and it will be less natural. And I can also feel the thickness that stick on my lips. The color will wear off after eating or drinking and we have to do the touch up at 12 PM and 4 PM to ensure that the color will be there.


The price is very economical, which is around IDR 50,000 per lip cream or it is around $5.

My Conclusion

This lip cream is very helpful to support our look with very reasonable budget.

Please share your favorite color that give you confidence during the day.

Thanks for reading.


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