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The Solution from The POREfessional from Benefit

The face primer will give us the natural beauty look or the fake look for the day. Which sentence will you choose?

A lot of beauty bloggers or vloggers talks about the face primer as one of makeup products that should be applied on daily basis. I never use the face primer previously as I thought that it would be too many makeup products that I apply everyday. But I was curious to try the primer at least once on my life and got the different look.

I heard about the POREfessional from Benefit many times and there were many positive information about this face primer. When I arrived in Sephora store, I straightly find this facial primer and find the travel size. I’d like to try the smaller size first before buying the bigger size.

My First Impression

Absolutely the packaging! There is the cute and attractive illustration allocated in the packaging and also in the tube. It is just a simple illustration but eye catchy. It has the Unique Selling Point because of its illustration that made this product becomes the top of mind.

What does it claim?

As stated in the packaging, this silky, lightweight face primer is used to minimizes the look of pores and fine lines. It also helps makeup stay put

What are other cute thing?

There is the small paper guide inside its packaging that tell us about how to use the primer throughout the face and also the trick to make skin looks smooth and even. It is just a paper though but the material used is the same as the packaging, which is the dope type of paper.

How to Use

I used to apply a thin layer to my face and blend with fingertips. I used to put the primer in my forehead, nose, jawlines and chin and blend them altogether after rubbing my face with facial toner. Leave it for about 30 seconds to 1 minutes until it is absorbed into my skin and ready for the makeup stage.

After Use Effect

I feel the primer texture is very light and smooth. It is very easy to blend throughout my skin. Even though I only put a few amount of primer, I can apply it in all over my face. The primer itself can smoother my skin only a second after the application. Actually, I feel awkward and strange when I find my skin smoother very fast. And also it minimize the look of pores perfectly. Honestly, I was afraid of having this result because it was too fast. Secondly, beside make my skin look smoother, this primer close my pore as well. It makes my acne appear out of sudden. The third effect would be the makeup stayed longer and the face oil will less appear on my T Zone.


I prefer to use less makeup layer on my daily basis and I love to apply more skincare products and less makeup to have healthy skin. Therefore, I won’t use the primer and keep putting the facial essence after toner.

Please share about your preference facial prime for daily basis.

Thanks for reading.


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