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How the Matte Color can Give You the Natural Look

Lipstick will be one of the powerful tools that most women need to shower their aura out everyday. Although we still need other makeup products to be applied, we won’t leave our lips without a lip color. Different types of lipstick would be chosen based on the types of lips. As the example, I have the thick lips, which means that the perfect type of lipstick would be the matte color instead of the glossy one. The matte color will shape our lips neatly and it will make my lips smaller. Otherwise, the glossy color of lipstick will make the lips look thick and big. Therefore, I always avoid the glossy lipstick color even though it is on trend.

However, it won’t be easy to find the perfect nude matte color. In terms of lipstick color, that kind of color is very risky to be wore because it might be too light or too dark to the skin. The texture would be another factor that we should be think of. A lot of matte lipstick color have the thick texture that sometimes can make our lips feel hot and make our lips break. I tried many lipstick that have the nude matte colors and some of them didn’t work well in my lips. The lipstick would be apart after 4 hours application or the colors were too nude, which made my lips look pale.

This time I try the Intense Matte Lip Cream from Make Over. As it is stated in the packaging that the lip cream will be long last and light weight. This claim would be one of the factors that made me want to try this lip cream. The color is very beautiful nude color and it seems very natural for daily use.

I choose number 004 (Vanity). The color is light pink at first application with a bit glossy effect. However, after minutes of application the color is changed to soft pink matte color. Even though it is far from the natural look but the color is very beautiful. The matte pink color can brightened our look and give us the fresh look. I used to apply this lip cream every day during work. However, I need to do touch up with a thin layer of lip cream just to set my previous color after having lunch.

The lip cream texture is thick enough, which means that we have to carefully in applying the lip cream to avoid the clot possibility. In order to avoid that situation, at the first layer of application, I used apply a thick layer to flatten the color. At the second layer, which is applying during lunch hour, I used to apply a very thin layer just to make sure than my lip color is still exist in my lips.

The packaging is very cute with the long box shape and it is made from a thick plastic material. The whole packaging is strong enough, especially with the strong lid to keep the cream stay in the packaging. It also contains the soft applicator that made the application easier.

In my opinion, this vanity color is very good to be applied in daytime instead of during night time. It won’t be visible at night and we will be looked too pale.

Please share your favorite lipstick color. Do you prefer to use the glossy color or the matte color?

Thanks for reading.


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