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Does the Body Shop Lipstick Work Well on the Dark Skin Tone?

Not everyone be able to have the pale look but still look fresh. The trend can be having a pale aura but the skin can’t be cooperate enough if we have different tones.

Sometimes, we just want to have a less make up look during weekend. We tend to have the makeup with bright or strong color that we used to apply during the working days. During the weekend period, the light makeup with the light color will be my preferred choice, which can give the relax look. Lipstick is one of the makeup tools that can give the soft expression by choosing the soft and nude colors.

My Weekend Lipstick

Actually, I bought this lipstick around 2 months ago and I applied it for work few times. However, it made my look too pale or too light for working day. It is the lipstick from the Body Shop with Sienna Rose Matte color (number 430). If we look the color from the lipstick straight away, it has very beautiful matte color that is the combination between a light pink and light chocolate colors. It is a very natural color and it would be great for people with a light skin tone. In terms of the matte colors, it is the medium level of matte with a bit glossy effect.

The Real Lipstick Color in My Lips

As I have the dark skin tone, the natural color of the lipstick is only shown in the lipstick instead of on my lips. The color did not come out perfectly on lips and it also covered with the color of my real lips skin color. In terms of the texture, the lipstick texture can’t be blended with Ferment Snail Lip Treatment from TONYMOLY that I used as the lipstick based. Therefore, the lipstick would not applied evenly on my lips and it looks awful. I think this lipstick color is not purposed for the people with a dark skin tone because the major skin color will talk more than the lipstick color. The lip gloss or lip balm that is used as a lip based should be light enough to make the lipstick ingredients can be blended properly.

The Body Shop Lipstick

My Tips of Using this Lipstick

In order to cover the pale look or the uneven color on my lips, I used to combined the color with another brighter lipstick. Therefore, this Body Shop lipstick will be stayed as the base color. As the result, my lips will look more brighter but still have the natural look with less pale. Honestly, I don’t have any confidence to use this lipstick color only without combining with other lipstick color.

The Elegant Packaging for the Elegant Look

Instead of the lipstick ingredient, the lipstick packaging is good enough with the black color of dope material. There is the smaller chocolate color just to show the brand name.

The Sienna Rose Matte Color of The Body Shop Lipstick

How Much does it cost?

The price of the lipstick is reasonable enough, which is IDR 199,000 per lipstick or it is around U$ 20.

Will I repurchase?

Nope! I think the color does not match with my skin tone and also I can’t deal with the lipstick texture as well. It can’t give me the even color for my lips. Then, I will purchase another lipstick or lip cream that more suitable with my lips.

Have you tried the lipstick from the Body Shop? Tell us about your experience.

Thanks for reading.


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