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Brighter Your Skin with The Body Shop Drops of Light

Brightened our facial skin and keep the skin glow would be the most women wanted. Can it be possible to reach that dream with less makeup?

May would be the month that I decided to start wearing less makeup for daily use and focus more to skincare treatment. I keep envy to see girls who have glowing facial skins naturally even though they were very light makeup. The skin condition would be healthier with less coverage from foundation, facial powder and other cosmetics that are able to close skin pores. However, we are still want to have the proper look with healthy skin with less makeup. That will be my goal starting from May.

Actually, this post is the continuity from my previous post that talk about “Get the Youthful Skin with Drops of Youth from the Body Shop”. You may see the post through this LINK. I used to apply the facial serum after putting the facial essence to make my facial skin moisturized, healthy and safe enough to combine with other cosmetic products. The Drops of Light from the Body Shop would be the next step after applying the Drops of Youth serum. As I being informed by the sales person in the Body Shop store that the Drops of Youth serum should be applied before putting the Drops of Youth serum. Actually, I didn’t agree with him and I will tell you what I did.

The Body Shop ‘Drops of Light’
Reason to buy …..

At first, I decided to buy the Drops of Light because I wanted to brightened my skin, which is not purposed to have a white skin color but I want to have a fresh and brighter skin. As it is stated in the packaging box, Drops of Light is a care brightening serum with brightening red algae extract from the North Atlantic and Vitamin C derivative. By looking at this short description, I was tempted to buy both types of serum Drops of Youth and Drops of Light and keep dreaming to have a fresh skin with a brighter skin color.


The Body Shop Drops of Light

A Cute Packaging

Basically, the packaging type similar with the packaging of Drops of Youth serum. A curve shape packaging type and it also equipped with a small pipette to take the serum out. The only different would be the color of the packaging of Drops of Light serum, which is white. Overall, the packaging is solid enough with a thick material bottle and also a strong lid.

How do I use Drops of Light serum?

Honestly, I didn’t follow what the sales man told me that I should apply Drops of Youth serum first and continue with the Drops of Light serum. I tried that steps once. I felt that my skin absorbed too many facial serum at the same time and I felt my skin looked too glow or even too oily. Then, I decided to apply the Drops of Light as my night time serum because the texture is too oily for the daytime usage and it also can affect the makeup longevity.

These are the application steps ……

  1. Ensure that the facial skin is already clean by doing double cleansing or even triple.
  2. Apply the facial skin with facial toner. Then, we will confident that our facial skin is already clean and ready to start for the skincare routine.
  3. Put the facial essence on.
  4. Applying the Drops of Light serum. I just use 1 drop of serum and apply it to all over my face and also neck. My suggestion is “Do not apply too much serum because it will give the oily effect on your face and it will stay a long period.” We just wait less than 2 minutes until the serum is already absorbed into the skin.

Small Pipette to Take Drops of Light Serum Out

What can I say about Drop of Light serum after I apply it?

Honestly, I like Drops of Youth serum more than Drops of Light. Why? Because I have the oily skin type and I felt that this serum will make my facial skin more oily during the application. The deep moisturized effect can be gained through this serum but not the freshness effect. However, I felt my skin becomes moisturized and chewy after usage. And I decided to finish the serum up by applying at night before the night cream application.


Nope. Because I need to have the fresh type of serum that can make my skin looks fresh and feels it as well.

Have you ever trying the Drops of Light serum from The Body Shop? Please share your experience.

Thanks for reading.

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