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Make Our Life Easier Through Scents

Do you believe that our life will become easier if we spray lots of fragrance in our whole body?

Do you agree with the above question? At first, I didn’t agree at all because I believe that the ease in our life can be caused by our efforts that involve our brains and heart to solve any problems in life instead of using the fragrance to give us the magic result. The other funny thing was one of my bestfriends made a good scent as one of the characteristics for his future wife. Actually, this was sound funny and unbelievable for me. How can the fragrance can change our life in only a minutes?

However, I have to compromise with this trend though. It means that the attractive scents can be used as the medium to show our respect to people who we meet. In terms of the fragrance, I prefer to use the bodyspray instead of perfumes with the reason of the freshness that I can get from the bodyspray in my whole body skin. I only can spray the perfume on my clothes instead of my skin to prevent the skin irritation.

When I was in Perth, Australia, I went to the Priceline Store and saw lots of perfume with the discounted prices. I realized that I have to buy some perfumes for the formal event purposes. One of the perfume that attracted my eyes was Arden Beauty perfume from Elizabeth Arden brand. The big and ellegant package were persuaded me to tried the fragrance and end up with buying.

My Experiences


As I told you previously about the ellegant package, the Arden Beauty perfume is packaged in 100 ml thick glass bottle. This material made this perfume is pretty heavy to be brought in the bag for daily basis, which make me very inconvenience. Therefore, I used to spray this perfume every morning at home before leaving. I never bring this perfume along as it is very heavy and it also cannot to be opened to put in the small container. The lid is also not very tight and easy to be opened.


The scents is very fresh and has a bit of flowerly scent. This is a girly scents but it is not too girly. It has the strong fragrance indeed. I really like the fragrance, especially if I use it for a daytime usage. However, I have to re-spray the perfume every two hours to make sure that the scents is still stick in our body. As in fact, I never do the re-spray because I never bring this perfume out of home. And I used to do the re-spray with my bodyspray.

My Inputs about Arden Beauty Perfume

  • As it has a strong and ellegant scents, this perfume would be best to be used for a daytime basis, especially if we have a formal meeting / event. The scents can shower the professionalism of ours.
  • I have tried to spray the perfume in all over my body skin and my skin was not irritated. It means that the ingredients of the perfume are very soft to my skin. However, I don’t want to spray it to the skin regularly and I orefer to spray it on my clothes.

This is my experience of using the Arden Beauty perfume. Do you have your favorite daily perfume? Please tell me about it!

Thanks for reading.


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