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Get Calm with Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Foam

Are we getting stressed every time the acnes have appeared in all over our face? Do you already find the right skincare product that is able to relieve the acne?

For most women, Acne can change our mood especially when we find out the acnes have spotted in some areas of our face. Acne can also affect our looks even though it is only a few or one acne. I am very inconvenience with the acne because it is not only able to affect my look but I feel pain and itchy in the surround area of the acne. I just want to scrub them all and get the rid off. I tried many products that are specialized for acne treatment, such as the Acne series from PONDS and Acnes Sealling Jell. I am very satisfied with those products.

When I went to Innisfree store in Senayan City mall, Jakarta, Indonesia, they gave me the sample of Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Foam. I was really excited because as long as I know that green tea is very good to treat the acne and the extract can drying out acne. As I saw in the Innisfree website, this cleanser contains freshly squeezed green tea from leaves of Jeju green tea organic with rich of amino acids and mineral. It can also able to clean the facial skin and re-moisturize the dry skin to have the clean and bright skin.

After read through the product descriptions, I really want to try this cleanser straight away. At the same time, I have many acnes in all over my face and I really wished this cleanser was able to disminish the acnes.

How to use?

As in general, I simply use this cleanser after cleansing my facial skin with cleansing lotion. I just out a little amount of cleanser and wash my face with it.

How is the product texture?

This cleanser has a very smooth texture and it is convenient during the application. However, if you wish to have a lot of foam, you can have it in this cleanser. For me, it is like a lotion that put in my face.

What are the after use effect?

Basically, I really like this Green Tea Cleansing Foam. The most important is my acnes dried after 2-3 days of usage. I also felt the freshness in my skin and also be moisturized. I couldn’t get the glowing effect though because I think the formulas are not for glowing the skin but I feel that my skin was very clean. In my opinion, this cleanser will work maximally if we use other skincare products that contain green tea extract. I used Green Tea Fresh Essence from Innisfree at the same time. My review of this essence can be seen through this LINK. I used it after cleansing my face with the Green Tea Cleanser. Therefore, by consuming the green tea extract in the skincare producr for treating the acnes, the acnes will dry faster and disminished.

How is the satisfaction level?

I really satisfy to use this cleanser and I decided to purchase it, especially to disminish my acnes occurance.

Please share your story about your favorite Acnes Treatment product.

Thanks for reading.


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