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Get Glowing with 24K Bio – Gold Skin Awakening Day Cleanser?

Cleansing the facial skin on regular basis can have two functions, which are to clean our facial skin from the dusts and makeup and also to treat our skin. How can we choose the right cleansing product to get the best result to our skin?

Cleansing our facial skin every morning and every night is the must thing to do to, even though we wear a heavy makeup or a light makeup. We need to ensure that our facial skin free from any kind of dusts, pollution, cosmetic products and also the skincare products. By having the clean face, it means that our facial skin is moisturized and healthier.

I, personally, like to try many cleansing products from local brands to international brands. I know that I should use the cleansing products that come from the place / country that we are staying in. It also works for all skincare products and cosmetics. Why? It is because the products have the ingredients that are already formulated based on the country humidity and weather.

In this post, I would like to talk about the Indonesian brand that I already finish the tube. It is 24 K Bio-Gold Skin Awakening Day Cleanser that is produced from PT. Unza Vitalis.

What is stated in the packaging?

This cleanser is able to clean and also preparing the skin to absorb the skincare products. It can also be able to make the makeup stay longer. This cleanser has numbers of benefits, which are:

  • To clean and prepare the skin in the morning.
  • Rich and refined foam is able to clean our facial skin softly without leaving a dry feeling.
  • This cleanser is able to make the facial skin feel fresh and be moisturized.
  • It contains an anti oxidant to help in protecting the skin from exposure to free radicals.
  • It also can make the facial skin look clean, bright and glowing.

24 K Bio – Gold Skin Awakening Day Cleanser

What is the texture of the product?

The product texture come out with the light yellow gold color with a little sparkle in it. It has a very smooth texture, especially I apply it in all over my face.
How to use this cleanser?

I used this cleanser every morning and night after cleansing with the cleansing cream. As in general, I put a sufficiently amount of foam in our palm and wipe until foam occurs. Then, apply the foam in all over my face with massaging in the circular motion. After 30 seconds to 1 minutes, clean the facial skin with water.

What I usually feel after using this cleanser?

Honestly, I was OK with this facial cleanser and I finish one tube in about 2 months successfully. I understand that the result may varies based on the skin type and complexion. What are the results that happened in my facial skin?

  • My skin had well-moisturized after cleansing but I didn’t feel fresh and neither have the glowing skin. The moisturized effect was very good though.
  • My facial skin is also feel chewy.
  • Overall, this cleanser has a standard effect but it is good though.

A Tube Package with a Medium Hole to Get the Foam Out


I think to repurchase this cleanser because the price is very affordable, which is IDR 55,000 per tube (U$ 5.5).

Do you have your favorite facial cleanser?

Thanks for reading.


    • You’re very welcome and thank you. Yes it is the Indonesian brand and I think they only sell locally for now.


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