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MAVALA : Double-Lash — Does It Grow the Eyelashes Well?

Get the long eyelashes will reduce our efforts to make our eyes sharp and pretty. But, how if we have a short eyelashes permanently?

I do! That would be my honest confession. I have short eyelashes that need an extra effort to make it longer. I tried to applied Vaseline in all over my eyelashes but it didn’t come out with the expected result. The length of my eyelashes were still the same as they were. I am not a typical of person that like to apply eyeliner and mascara as an eye makeup. I know that would be hard to have a sharp eye with less eye makeup and short eyelashes.

Then, my friend recommended Double-Lash from mavala brand. She applied this eye care brand to grow her eyelashes and also eyebrows. And it worked well for her in about 2 weeks. I really interested to tried it with the expectation of having a long eyelashes and thicker eyebrows.


What is it stated in the box?

As it stated in the box that the Double – Lash Eye Care from MAVALA can make eyelashes longer, fuller and stronger naturally. These claims made me want to try it straight away. It is a nutritive care product, based on a natural extract, rich in vitamins and proteins. It strenghtens the lashes and eyebrows and help refrain their loss. Those are their acknowledgement and I will share the real result to you based on my experience.

The small packaging will do….

The packaging of Double-Lash Eye Care is small enough. A 10 ml bottle is made from a thick glass but it is not heavy at all as it is in a small form. The bottle is covered with a strong lid and I don’t have to worry that the liquid cream will spilled out. It is provided with a small applicator and I can apply it easily straight away from the bottle.

Product Texture

The product texture is very soft. It came in a cream lotion form with white color but it turns to a transparant color during the application. The texture can also be able to spread in all over the lashes easily and it doesn’t leave the sticky feeling as well.

The User Friendly Applicator

How to Use?

We have to ensure that we already have a clean eyelashes before applying the Double – Lash. The application is very easy. We just use the applicator and dab the cream per layer base. At the same time, I used to apply it on my eyebrows. The night time would be the best time for the application because the product will work individually without a collaboration with other skincare products and cosmetics.

What are the honest feeling after using the Double – Lash?

I already use the Double – Lash for about two months on my eyelashes and eyebrows. There are still no significant effect, in terms of the length and the thickness. I stopped apply it on my eyelashes because my skin became irritated, especially in the eye area. I was affraid that the irritatiom can affect the eye afterwards. I also didn’t find any significant result on my eyebrow. The fur was groing but uneven and rough. Then, I also stopped applying in my eyebrows.

What can I say about Double – Lash?

I believe that it is a good product to grow eyelashes and eyebrows but it just didn’t work well on me. As I have a very sensitive skin, the effect will be appeared in a short period of time. In terms of the final result, it may varies based on the lashes type and the opportunity to grow. Therefore, every people will have different results.

Do you have any product recommendation that be able to grow eyelashes and also safe?

Thanks for reading.

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