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Keep Fresh with MORRIS Body Mist Cologne

Be fresh and be happy. It means that one of the factors that can make us happy is by having our body skin feel clean and fresh. Can we have the freshness for 24 hours?

As I told you previously that I prefer to spray my whole body skin with the body spray beside the armpits instead of perfume because the liquid can be absorbed into my skin automatically and make my skin feel fresh for at least 2 – 3 hours before re-spray. I used to spray the body spray after shower in the morning and do the respray every 3 hours just to make our body skin feel fresh during the daily activities. Besides the absorption, the body spray is usually lighter in strength than body cologne. And in terms of the price, it usually cheaper than perfume and cologne. However, I still need the perfume, especially if I attend the formal events.

The sweet fragrance will be one of my favorite scents of the body spray because this scent can change my mood in only a tick and it is according to my personality. I really love to try varieties of body spray that have the sweet scent and also the fresh one. This time, I try the body spray that is called MORRIS Body Mist Cologne. This is the Indonesian brand and I bought it in the supermarket in Jakarta, Indonesia. Honestly, I desired to buy this body spray because it has the small bottle size (50 ml) and it would be very convenience to put in the bag on daily base. So, it was just about the size without knowing about its scent.

MORRIS Body Mist Cologne – Heart Femme

How is the scent?

Basically, I was only able to smell the scent through the spray hole before buying and I smell a sweetness and it has a very girly smell. After I bought it and I started to spray it in my body skin, the smell may differ. It has a fresh scent with less sweetness though. But it still has a girly fragrance.

How to use?

The way to use it is similar with other body spray. We just spray it to whole body from a distance of around 15 – 25 cm to protect our skin from the straight effect of the body spray formula.

What do I feel after spraying?

I feel my body skin very fresh in a second after spraying. However, the scent won’t stay long and it is just disappear in less than 5 minutes. The freshness is still stay for about 10 minutes but it has no scent onward.

Next Purchase?

I will think about repurchase of this brand because I like the small packaging size and the freshness would be OK even though it won’t stay long. The only thing that I concern about is the scent. I need the body spray with a long last scent for at least 3 hours.

Do you have any favorite body spray from local brands? Please share about it.

Thanks for reading.

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