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SPAPharma Dead Sea Mineral Hand Cream

The skin dryness will be the potential thing to be happened to our skin, especially if we do the rough work during the day or as the affection of the polution. Can the body lotion able to solve this problem?

In general, the body lotion can be used as the moisturizer for our skin as the regular skin treatment to prevent the dryness, roughness, scaly, itchy skin and the minor skin irritation. Sometimes, we feel our skin are seen scaly and very dry after we do the outdoor activities. Based on my experience, I used to feel my skin becomes dry everytime I didn’t apply the body lotion after a morning shower. I can’t feel the moisturized skin as well as the healhty skin. This is the reason why I really depend on the body lotion to treat my skin every day.

I know that I always keep experiencing on body lotion. I really like the lotion with the calm scent and has the thick texture. It feels that that kind of body lotion can give the moisturizer very well to my skin or that would be only my feeling.

SPAPharma dead sea minerals

In this post, I’d like to tell you about the hand cream that I just try it on. It is called SPApharma. it is made in Israel and I couldn’t find it in Jakarta, Indonesia. This hand cream contains the formula with dead sea minerals and it is purposed for treating dry and damaged skin.

The Packaging

The packaging is just on a regular package in a 100 ml tube form. The lid is very tight and it can protect the cream from falling out from the small hole inside the tube.

The Product Texture

The broken white colour cream has a very smooth texture and easy to be swabbed in our skin. The cream is also easy to be absorbed straight away into the skin.

When can the cream be used?

Actually, there is no direction about when and how the cream can be used and I believe that it can be used as a regular way of the body lotion or body cream application. Then, I used to apply this hand cream in the morning before driving. It can protect my palm skin while swiping the hand on the steering wheel. And I continue to re-apply the cream every 2 hours or everytime I feel my palm skin become rough.

How it feels?

To be honest, I really like how this cream works. I feel my skin very smooth and my skin becomes smoother, which I can feel straight away after the application. I also feels my skin becomes healthier.

The Challenge

The hardest thing for me is finding this hand cream in Indonesia. I haven’t find it yet and it will be funny if I have to travel away just to buy SPAPharma hand cream. So, I just enjoy my current tube until it finished.

This is the end of my sharing about SPAPharma hand cream and hopefully it can give the useful information before buying. And also I hope you are able to find this hand cream and try it on.

Thanks for reading.

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