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Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask from Innisfree : Does It Work well?

Get cleaned face and a fresh look to welcome Monday will be the most favorite thing to do for most women during weekend. I really depend on the facial mask for this matter. What is the current facial mask that I just try for about a month?

A facial mask might be one of the skincare products that supposed to be applied once a week or even twice a week if needed. The facial mask can be used to help in hydrating the facial skin, remove excess oils and also to help in improving the appearance of skin pores on face. I, personally, love to apply the facial mask every Wednesday and Sunday because I feel that my facial skin will be hydrated, moisturized, healthy and brighter. On Sunday, I like to apply the wash type of facial mask and on Wednesday, it is the turn of the sheet mask. I don’t have any guidance why I choose the sheet mask on Wednesday. I feel that the sheet mask is able to refresh my skin in the middle of the week and the wash mask is able to re-boost my skin to get the proper condition to welcome Monday.

In this post, I would like to talk about the facial mask that I just try for a month. I had this sample size of Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask from Innisfree. A lot of people said that this mask is really good and make the skin look brighter and fresh. Then, I am very happy to try this mask on every Sunday.

Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask from Innisfree

What is Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask from Innisfree?

This Jeju Vlocanic clay is made from the minerals that come from the eruption from Jeju volcano. The formulas are claimed to lift the sebum and other dirts.
The Product Texture
The texture of this clay mask is very solid and has a light grey color. At the first usage, we might feel that the texture is a bit hard to be applied in our facial skin and we have to be patient until the mask is applied evenly in all over our face. The formula is very light and I don’t feel heavy during the mask application.

The Texture of Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask from Innisfree

My Experience While Using the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
In terms of the facial mask texture, I really love how the mask sticks on my face during the application. At first, it is a bit clot when I apply in my facial skin but after I apply it evenly, it dries very quickly. And I also feel the mask formula is being absorbed into the skin automatically. I used to apply this clay mask for about 15 – 20 minutes on the cleaned face and I also used to apply the facial toner as a mask based. However, the right direction is about 10 minutes application. I just want to have the maximum result on my skin.
Don’t do THIS!
During the application, it is better to avoid the eyes and lip areas because the skin condition will be different with the facial skin areas. Therefore, it might be more sensitive.
What is the results?
After applying the facial mask, I feel my skin is very fresh and brighter. I also can feel the moisturized skin. However, if you want the glowing result to your skin, you won’t find it in this mask. It has the flat result but fresh and brighter instead.
Keep treating your skin like you treat yourself. The healthy skin will bring the healthy heart.
Thanks for reading.


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