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Get a Coverage with L’OREAL True Match BB Cream

Keep glowing will less makeup. Keep having a healthy skin with cosmetics that have safe formulas.

Basically, I am not a type of person who like to use heavy makeup for daily usage. I prefer to wear a less makeup but still need some coverage for my uneven skin texture. The main reason is I want my skin to be able to breath by avoiding some particles that can close the skin pores.

On this May, I want to minimize the use of cosmetics to be used every day. Currently, I used to follow the 10 Korean steps before applying makeup. I will talk about this topic on my next post. In this post, I would like to talk about BB cream product that I use currently. It won’t be easy to find the right cosmetics product for people, who have a very sensitive skin like me.


Actually, I already use this BB for about a month and I really like the result on my skin. I prefer to use BB cream because I think it is lighter than the foundation, which will be better for the daily usage. L’OREAL TRUE MATCH BB is used as skin idealizing BB cream that is stated in the tube description. It contains SPF 35, which is good to protect our skin from UV rays. It is also claimed that it can give 24 hours moisture. They also claim that this BB cream is the 1st BB cream with 360 degrees skin care to idealize a natural flawless skin tone and texture, inside out. I don’t want to talk in details theoretically about this BB Cream but I want share my experience while using this product.

LOREAL True Match BB Cream

The Packaging

The packaging is just a simple tube (30 ml) that is made from a medium thick of plastic. The plastic is also very soft and make us easy to release the BB cream from the packaging. In my opinion, the packaging is in the good size and form to be brought during traveling.

The color tone that I choose

As I have a medium dark skin tone, I chose the GOLD shade of this BB cream. The color is medium dark chocolate. Even though this is the dark shade, it is still too white when I apply throughout my facial skin. However, I have the tips for you on make this color more neutral and make the skin become glowing after the application.

The BB cream texture

I really love the texture of this BB cream. It is so soft and easy to blend. However, I have to wait for around 2 minutes after the application until it is absorbed into my skin and dry enough, especially if I apply it with hands instead of using the applicator. Because, it will make the uneven color if I put the face powder straight away.

A Small Hole to Release the BB Cream from the Bottle

How to use this BB Cream. THIS IS MY TIPS!

I used to apply True Match BB cream every time I don’t want to wear a heavy makeup for work. And I keep to apply a less makeup to let my skin breath easily. These are my current steps and my tips!

  • After cleansing my face with cleansing lotion / oil and micellar water, I continue to apply the FACIAL TONER. It is to ensure that my skin is cleaned maximally and ready to accept my next skincare routine and makeup application.
  • After the facial toner is absorbed into my skin, I continue to apply the FACIAL ESSENCE. Usually the facial essence is to balance the skin after cleansing and toner application. It also add hydration and priming the skin.
  • Applying the FACIAL SERUM will be my next step. Honestly, if I have a morning rush, I used to skip this step. I know that I can’t skip it but I have no time.
  • This is the time to apply the L’OREAL TRUE MATCH BB CREAM!!! Sometimes, I apply the BB cream by hand but I was hard to get the even shade on my skin. And I don’t like the result. Then, I change to apply this BB cream with the beauty blender. I put the cream on some spots in my face, such as in my forehead, cheeks, nose, chin and neck. Then, I blend them altogether with the beauty blender. At first, I find the color is too white for my skin but after I wait for 1 minute, the color is change into smoother and give the glowing effect. I really like the result because it looks natural and glowing.
  • I continue to apply my facial skin with the FACE POWDER with the facial brush. I don’t want to use the facial sponge for the application because I want to have a natural look instead of a ‘heavy makeup’ look. The facial brush can also help the makeup application to look even and also has a long lasting effect.

My Whole Opinion

I really love this BB cream because it contains a lighter formula and I feel my skin absorb very light formula. The wonderful thing is I still have a medium coverage with a neutral effect on my face. And I will repurchase this BB cream to be brought during traveling.

What is your favorite BB cream?

Thanks for reading.


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