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Get a Lively Facial Skin with ECO SOUL CHEEK GRADATION from the SAEM

Do we have to apply a heavy makeup to get the brighter facial skin and better look for daily activities? Absolutely NOT! How can we get that proper look with less makeup?

A blush on can be one of the answers to the above question. A blush on can help the face to have the lively aura and also able to brighter the tired facial skin. However, it can’t cover the dull skin, which we have to do the skincare routine first and the blush on can do the rest of the look.

In this post, I’d like to share the information about the blush on product but it is combined with the highlighter. It is from the SAEM, which is called ECO SOUL CHEEK GRADATION. It has 3 colors gradation, which are dark pink, lighter pink and beige, and all of them are provided with a very smooth shimmer. The shimmer has very small textures that won’t be too obvious if we applied in our face but these will be blended very well with the other cosmetics that currently used.

In terms of the color, we may use only one color or combined all of them straight away and the natural look will be the final result. The pink color itself can be used as the blush on but if we put a lighter color, it will give the shiny look with the glitter or shimmer within within. We don’t have to worry that the shimmer will be seen too strong because the shimmer works in a smooth way. The lighter color (Beige Color) can be used as a highlighter in above the cheek area and it will make your facial skin look fresh.

Eco Soul Cheek Gradation from the SAEM

The wonderful thing about this blush on or highlighter that the color as well as the shimmer effect will stay long on our face or if we want to add some more color after 2 pm, we just apply it slightly. This product is highly recommended for the daytime usage. Instead, for the night time usage, we might use the blush on with the stronger color.

In terms of the packaging, I really like on how they package it, which will give the simplicity for us to be brought everyday. The packaging is made from the solid plastic and the cover can be closed very tight. It will keep the blush on powder stay in the packaging neatly. They also give the sponge in the bottom of the packaging. It means that we don’t have to bring the blush on brush if we want to do the touch up in the middle of the day.

My Tips!

  • Use the blush on brush during the application. The brush will spread the blush on powder and a shimmer very smoothly and it will give more natural look than using the beauty sponge. The sponge will block the color on our face, but the brush will blend the color with other used cosmetic products. However, the beauty sponge can be used to do the touch up and it won’t block the color because the blush on color is already there as a base.
  • I, personally, prefer to combined only two color of the blush on but in the same shade. I mean that I will combine the darker and the medium dark color to be applied in the cheek area and apply the lightest color as a highlighter in above the cheek are and in the nose. It will give the strong effect on each section of the face.
  • In my opinion, the less makeup, which has a medium coverage, will work well with this blush on. It is fine with the heavy makeup though but the less makeup will give more natural look with this blush on.

The price

The price of the product is also affordable, which is between IDR 370,000 – IDR 400,000 (around U$ 37 – U$ 40) per package. Why do I tell you that this price is affordable? Because it will run out around 6 months of usage with the condition that we use it every day.

Hopefully, this information can help you in making decision before buying the daily blush on product.

Thanks for reading.


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