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Can Make Over Perfect Cover Two Way Cake Give the Coverage for Our Daily Look?

Can the face powder give us the best coverage or even creating the fake look? The chosen face powder will be the answered.

The face powder will be one of the powerful tools to get the proper look, especially for women. There are another skincare and makeup products that are still needed as a makeup base as well as the complimentary makeup. In terms of the face powder, it will be a nice challenge in choosing the right face powder with the right shade and the perfect texture that suitable with our skin types and tones. Because, it can’t be denied that the wrong choice of face powder can give us the facial skin irritation, the heavy makeup look, or even give us the pale look instead of the perfect look.

I used the Make Over Perfect Cover Two Way Cake previously and I already give the short review through this LINK. This face powder contains SPF 15. This face powder was very suitable with my skin texture and skin tone. It could give the extra coverage on my facial skin very smooth, especially if I combined it with the BB cream or Foundation. My facial skin look very flawless and neat. I was really satisfy with this product.

Perfect Cover Two Way Cake Make Over

I changed to another compact powder as a variation to my skin and now, I want to use the Make Over compact powder back. In this post, I will share my experience in using this product back and some points that I never realized them during my previous usage.

The Color Shade : I choose the Dessert Color (Number 04). The color is very natural with the shade of medium dark brown color. This color is very suitable for the medium dark skin tone as it is able to neutralize the color shade and give the natural look.

The Product Texture : The product texture is very solid and smooth. With these texture, we are able to spread the powder in all over the facial skin easily with or without the applicator. It also can give the good coverage for the uneven skin texture.

The Packaging : Honestly, the packaging is like the other compact powder brand. It has the mirror and a sponge within. Therefore, we don’t have to bring the facial brush or other applicator for touching up.

How to Use : As I was being told by the salesman, this powder can be used without applying the foundation separately because it has the foundation within. However, I feel very inconvenient to use the face powder without the foundation and BB cream as a makeup base. Therefore, here are the steps of my makeup application.

  • Applying the skincare products as a skincare treatment to safe the facial skin from the makeup formula. Those skincare products that I usually used are facial toner, facial essence, facial serum and eye cream.
  • Applying the facial moisturizer. This moisturizer is very useful to be consumed to the facial skin, in order to have the healthy skin.
  • Applying the BB Cream or Foundation. This would be a choice for a medium coverage to our facial skin. If I want to have a light makeup, I usually used the BB cream. And vice versa, if I want to have the heavier makeup, the foundation would be my other choice.
  • Applying the Make Over Perfect Cover Two Way Cake. I used to apply this facial powder by using the facial brush to get the natural look with the light weight makeup. However, the facial sponge can be used if we want to get the solid makeup and extra coverage. I prefer to use the solid makeup for a night time usage because it will be too heavy for me if I use it for a daytime base.

The Dessert Color of Make Over Perfect Cover Two Way Cake

My Experiences

After I tried another compact powder brand, I have some points that I never realize them on previous usage.

  • This compact powder have a lot of fall out if I compared to other compact powder that I used. I guess this fall out give the meaning that this compact powder is great if we applied with the facial sponge.
  • If we insist to use the facial brush, we have to make sure that the powder is already eased from the brush before applying to our facial skin. Because, if there are still a lot of powder in the brush, it will block our facial skin and it will give the result of uneven powder application.
  • The Make Over Perfect Cover Two Way Cake is perfectly used for a night use because the extra coverage will be the result and the facial sponge will be the right applicator.

I hope my experience can give you the insight in choosing the right face powder for your daily usage.

Thanks for reading.

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