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Pixy Lipstick

Having a natural look is possible to show our ellegant aura if we choose the right shade of cosmetics that are suitable with our skin tone. However, we have to be careful in choosing the cosmetic shade to avoid the pale look result instead of the ellegant look.

On mid May until mid June, there will be the Ramadhan period for Moslem people. During Ramadhan, we will fasting and celebrate Idul Fitri on Mid June. Usually, during the Ramadhan period, I don’t like to wear bright liptick colors and I prefer to wear the lipstick with calm colors. I just want look calm and neutral as possible.

In terms of the lip color, I choose the matte nude color. I, personally, love those kind of color for daytime and a matte dark color for a night time. I feel confident enough everytime I wear those colors although a lot of my friends said that I look better if I wear the bright lipstick colors.


When I went to Jakartaxbeauty event a week ago, I came to PIXY booth and saw some new release of lip cream colors, which are nude colors. I really love those colors because those colors are so me! I also love the color of the matte lipstick. By the way, PIXY is the cosmetic brand that I knew it since I was a child. However, I never tried all of their products previously. My friend told me that the PIXY Lip Cream is very good and that claim made me want to try it.

PIXY Lip Colors

PIXY Lip Cream – Gaudy Orange

This color is a terracota matte color. I like this color, because it is a nude color but it still shows the color character. The main problem that I usually have during the lip color application is making the color stay in my lip evenly. With the smooth texture of PIXY lip Cream, I am able to spread the lip color evenly. The formula is also very light and I don’t feel a heavy formuka within while using this lip cream. In terms of the color, it can cover my uneven lip skin tone perfectly. And the color stays very long time in my lip though I eat the oily foods.

The Beautiful Packaging of PIXY Lip Cream

My tips using the Gaudy Orange Color:

  • As this color will be obviouly seen and we don’t want people look straight away to our lips instead of our eyes, it will be better if we apply the skincare and light makeup, which have the smooth glowing effect in all over our faces. It will have the balance look between the lips and the face makeup.
  • Use the light eyeshadow color that has the same tone with the lip color. The eyeshadow color should be calmer than the lip color.
  • This lip color is perfect if we use in the afternoon or at night. For me, it is too bright if we use it in the morning.
  • Use the lip gloss instead of the lip balm to make the lip formula can be blended maximally and have the best matte result. The lip balm is usually block the color and it can’t perfectly blended with the lip color.

Gaudy Orange Color of PIXY Lip Cream

PIXY Lip Cream – Chic Rose

This is my favorite color. It is still a nude color and matte with the combination of dark pink, dark purple and dark red colors. The result is very calm and natural color. I feel that this color is very match with my skin tone and also with my makeup shade. This color has the same texture and longevity with the Gaudy Orange color. I used to use this color during the daytime. I absolutely will buy the Chic Rose color after I finish the tube.

The price of the new release of lip cream is IDR 37,000 per lip cream (U$ 4). The price is very reasonable and the lip cream quality is above my expectation.

The User Friendly Applicator of PIXY Lip Cream

Chick Rose Color of PIXY Lip Cream

PIXY Matte Lipstick – Serene Brown

Actually, this type of matte lipstick has been existing before the launch of PIXY lip Cream. The packaging is smaller than the lip cream and it is very easy to put in the pocket.

The Tiny Packaging of PIXY Matte Lipstick

The color is also very beautiful. The color that I choose is number 506, which is a serene brown color. It is the combination of a light purple, a light pink and a light brown colors. The final color result would be a very soft purple matte color. I like the color when I tried to apply on my hand. However, when I applied in my lip, the result was different. The lipstick’s texture is lighter than the lip cream and it doesn’t cover my uneven lip skin tone properly. The whole color won’t be applied evenly though.

The Serene Brown Matte Lipstick Color from PIXY

My suggestions in using the PIXY Matte Lipstick

  • If you have the uneven lip skin texture like I do, it is better to use the PIXY Matte Lipstick as a base lipstick. Then, combine it with the slightly brighter color. Therefore, the uneven skin texture will be covered and the color will have two color combinations.
  • I think this PIXY Matte Lipstick is perfectly use for people, who already have a very smooth lip skin and don’t have the issue with the lip texture. Therefore, this lipstick can be functioned to color the lips and make it more lively.

This is my experience in using two types of PIXY lip Cream. I hope you can enjoy the colors too.

Thanks for reading.


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