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4 Skincare Products that Can’t Leave Without during Fasting Period

The hot weather and less humidity will affect our skin condition automatically. We won’t realize it when we got hit by the sun. In order to have the healthy skin continuously, we have to do some skincare treatment either directly or periodically.

The weather condition is one of the factors that can give a lot of affections to our skin. Those weathers usually combine with the pollution, virus, bactery and other things that can give a lot of affection to the skin as well as to the health. The dry skin, itchy, skin irritation are the symptoms that are usually happen. In order to prevent the skin to be healthy, there would be some treatment to safe our skin from any damages.

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, which is the tropical country. The weather is very hot and few days will be raining. The polution is every where and the skin will be affected easily. Moreover, we as the Moeslem people, will entry the Ramadhan moment in less than a week and we have do fasting for a month before celebrating Idul Fitri. There will be a lot of challenge for me in maintaining the emotion to be calmed and also to maintain the skin as well. The thing that I need is having the fresh skin, which will bring the good mood for me.

In this post, I want to share about the products that I never forget to put in my bag during the fasting period and also during summer traveling time.

The Skincare Products that I Always Bring in My Bag

Body Lotion

I really love to apply the bodylotion in all over my body, especially after shower. I feel that my body skin is very moisturized, chewy and healthy. And I really confident to start a day with a convenient skin condition. During the fasting period, I apply the body lotion around 5 times a day. I feel that my skin will get dry very fast during fasting because I can’t consume any water into my body. By applying the body lotion as often as possible, I feel that my skin absorb the vitamin and moisturizer, which can give me the extra energy and also can boost my mood.

Body Spray

I never forgot to put the body spray in my bag during the day time. I really like the freshness and the fragrance. I usually spray the body spray in all over my body more than 6 times a day during fasting. The freshness is really needed, especially when the weather is very hot. In terms of the scent, I prefer to use the body spray that has the sweet scent from fruit.

Face Mist

During the general period, I use the face mist to set my makeup to get a long lasting makeup. However, during Ramadhan, I really depend on the face mist. Beside to set my makeup, I spray the face mist to fresh my facial skin during mid day and also to give extra moisturizer to the skin. The face mist can be used to prevent the hydration that might be happened because of the weather condition and the water consumption.

Lip Treatment

Actually, the lip treatment products that I used during the general day are exactly the same with the products that I used during the Ramadhan period. Lip gloss, lip balm and a lip mask are the lip treatment that I regularly use it on a regular base. I use the lip mask once a week because formula is heavier than the other lip treatment. For the lip balm and lip gloss, I use them alternately, which depends on the type of lipstick that I use.

I will describe more detail about each product that I use in my other posts. Overall, those 4 products’ type will always be stay in my bag wherever I go during the fasting period.

Thanks for reading.


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