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Get Our Look with a Star Lash Mascara and a Pop Rouge Eyeshadow from Emina

The eye makeup can make our eyes look brighter and have a deep look. The fresh look also can be gained if we choose the right eye makeup. However, if we use the wrong shade, the eye bruises will be the end result.

The eye makeup products that usually be used for most women are the eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow, eyeshadow primer, and eyebrow. Those would be the tool for us to get the brighter look even though we have a less time for sleeping. I, personally don’t like to put the heavy make up on my eyes because sometime I feel my eye are sore if I used for a whole day. I only use the eyebrow and eyeliner. The eyeliner itself, I use it if I needed.

This time, I want to experience more on the eye make up. The soft look will be my dream result. I have browsed a lot of mascara products that don’t fade after 6 hours usage. I don’t know what happend to my eye skin, because most of the mascara that I used were fade in only less than 3 hours. This would be the challenge for me to find the perfect mascara that is suitable with my eye skin. The other thing that I search for is eyeshadow. I usually used the eyeshadow color to shape my eyebrow instead of for eyeshadow. My eyebrow will look more natural and it also can be blended perfectly with the overall look.

Emina Products

Eyeshadow and Mascara from Emina

I heard about this brand for about a year ago and I thought that this brand is for young people. It means that it will have the colorful makeup products that represent the young and dynamic soul. However, when I went into Guardian store and have a deep chat with the sales woman, this brand has a very good quality of Mascara and eyeshadow. She also talked about a lot of interesting points based on her experiences.

Star Lash Aqua Mascara from Emina

This aqua mascara works adorable in my eyelashes. I never thought that this product will work perfectly in my eyes. I has a solid black color but the texture is very soft and smooth during the application. I tried to apply this mascara and it didn’t fade after 4 hours and my eyelashes are formed in the same direction since the first application. However, it won’t make our eyelashes look longer but it will make our eye lines look assertive.

The packaging itself is very simple. It is made from the light material of plastic and it feels light. The packaging color is black, which look ellegant enough if we bring it over during our daily activities. The applicator is long with a tiny brush, which make the application is very easy because it can reach all sides of eyelashes. Therefore, the mascara color is spread in all over the eyelashes evenly.

The Ellegant Packaging of Star Lash Mascara with the Functionable Applicator

Pop Rouge Eyeshadow from Emina

Pop Rouge Eyeshadow from Emina

Honestly, I am not a type a person who like to use the eyeshadow everyday, including work. I feel the eyeshadow can make the makeup heavier and less natural. I prefer to use the dark shade of eyeshadow for shaping my eyebrow because it will make my eyebrow smooth and natural. This time, I’d like to try the eyeshadow from Emina, which is called Pop Rouge Eyeshadow. The colors are very soft. The texture is very pigmented and light. I choose the Pop Rouge type that consists 3 beautiful colors, which are dark brown, beige and a light brown with a bit of a light orange shade.

The dark brown color is usually applied at the end of the eye lid and then be blended with the lighter color. It will make our eyes more open and bigger. However, I used this shade on my eyebrow. The texture is very supportive in shapping my eyebrow and the result is very natural.

I applied the light brown with a light orange shade in my eyelid surface. The color is not too bright, but is very calm color instead. The orange shade will be seen after we applied on our eyelid. The texture is very soft, which make the color is applied evenly.

I rarely use the beige shade. It suppose to be applied in the middle of the eyelid or in the front line of the eyelid. It will make our eyes look brighter and lively.

Overall, I really like the Star Lash Mascara and the Pop Rouge Eyeshadow from Emina. Those products have very good quality and the prices are also very affordable. This products are very natural to be used for a daily base. I absolutely will repurchase this products.

I hope this information are useful for you. Thanks for reading.

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