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evian Facial Spray: Can we still have the hydrated skin with only spray evian?

Who doesn’t want to have a hydrated skin every single day? I believe that every woman do. How about if we only have a very limited time to do the skin care routine but we still want to have the pretty skin ever?

In order to have a healthy and hydrated skin, we should spent our time about 1 – 2 hours to do the skincare routine every day and on a weekly basis. It would be very challenging for us, who are busy with work from 9 am until 6 pm, and we only have a few hours to do the skincare routine before sleep at night. Based on my experience, I always prepare about 1 hour to do the skincare routine everyday and about 2-3 hours every week. However, during the sickness, I don’t have the energy to do those skincare routine steps. I just want to do a very simple routine but still have a very good result on my skin.

FACIAL SPRAY would be one of the skincare products that I really depend on if I only have a very few time to do the skincare routine. Maybe the ingredients might be less than the full range of skincare products but we are able to keep our skin hydrated and healthy even though we spend a few minutes only. Any facial spray will do for me as long as it can moisturized my facial skin properly. Previously, I use BEIB Beauty Water, which is the beauty water that contains Kangen water as a main ingredient. I did the review of BEIB through this LINK.

evian Natural Mineral Water

I bet every woman knows about evian Facial Spray and some of them already use it for make-up setting or refresh our face from sunlight. At this moment, I use evian Facial Spray everyday as a skincare layer before applying make-up in order to finish my whole make-up for less than 5 minutes. I did this way for some time only, especially if I have a run of time or I am sick. And this facial spray help me to set my make-up properly and I still have a healthy skin.

What is evian Facial Spray?

As it is stated in the bottle, this spray able to awaken our skin and our senses. By applying it on a daily basis, it can hydrate our skin, helps fix our make-up, freshens and purifies. Originating from the heart of the Alps, evian natural mineral water benefits from a balanced mineral content, is pH neutral and is suitable for all skin types.


I can’t say about the packaging differently with other facial spray in general. Because it has a typical form of the facial spray packaging with the spray button at the top.

The Packaging Form of evian Facial Spray

How to Use?

I used to spray evian Facial Spray on my skin every morning from a view distance of my face. I leave it for about 2 -3 minutes until the ingredients are being absorbed into the skin and continue with the gently dab. Before spraying it, I cleaned my facial skin with facial foam and toner to ensure me that my skin is clean already and ready for the further make-up application. Beside during the day time, I also use it at night time if I am very lazy to do the skincare routine. I spray it before applying the night cream and after the toner application.

After Use Effect

I know that for some women this evian Facial Spray is perfectly used for make-up set or refresh the facial skin. However, I really love the result while I spray it as the skincare layer before BB cream application. I feel that my facial skin feels light and also it feels very hydrated, moisturized and chewy. I really depend on this product every time I need the less skincare application or I run of the time but I still need the consumption of the skincare products.

This is my story about evian Facial Spray. I am not endorsing this spray but I give the fact based on my experience. I hope this story can help you while searching the Facial Spray for the daily basis.

Thanks for reading.


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