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Yves Laroche La Belle Vie : Get the Freshness from the Body Splash

Always fresh and always fragrant would be most women have wished for. Yes, everyday …..

I told to you previously that I really love body spray or body splash because I am able to spray it exactly straight into my body skin. And I feel very fresh, fragrant and even it can boost my mood, especially at 2 pm during the weekdays. However, every people prefer to apply different types of fragrance, which are in a perfume or a body spray forms. This also applies to the scent, which is based on each person’s personality. I, personally, like the body spray with a sweet scent from fruit or flower. I don’t like the strong smell, which can make me feel dizzy.

Yves Laroche La Belle Vie Paris

I used to buy a lot of body spray with no brand specification as long as they have the sweet scent. I understand that the fragrant resilience for the body spray usually stays for about 1 – 2 hours and we need to re-spray. I want to share my experience on my current body splash. At this moment, I use Yves Laroche La Belle Vie Paris as my daily body splash with an Innocent Orchid scent. The scent is very lovely with soft flower scent and a bit sweet scent. The body splash also able to refresh my body skin because although I only spray in the specific spot in my body, the body splash is able to spread throughout my body skin and make my skin feel very fresh.

Yves Laroche La Belle Vie Paris

As long as we know regarding to the body spray endurance, its fragrance endurance only for about 1 – 2 hours and I have to re-spray. It is fine with me because I love the scent and also the body splash texture. At first, I only think that it is only the body splash, which contains mostly water. However, my skin feel different when I apply Yves Laroche La Belle Vie body splash. I feel a bit of moisturizers contain in the body splash and I feel the softness in my skin. Therefore, I feel very safe if I spray in all over my body skin.

The Size

I love the fragrance, but I don’t like the packaging size. The 200 ml body splash will make the difficulties for me if I bring it over during traveling. Therefore, I tried to find the smaller size but I couldn’t find it. The other thing that I do would be putting the body splash into the smaller container that is suitable for traveling.

Where to Buy

In Indonesia, this body splash is very easy to find. I find it in pharmacy and I believe it can also be found in the supermarket.

This is only my short story about my experience in spraying the Yves Laroche La Belle Vie Paris Body Splash. I really want to hear about your story about your favorite body spray or body splash for daily usage.

Thanks for reading.


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