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How to Look Brighter during Tiring Moment (Video Version)

The brighter look on our facial skin will shower the freshness on ours even though we are on a super tiring moment. How can we apply it in easy way?

This content would be different from previous contents. I will combine the written and video version, which I thought that the visual thing would be more interesting that a written one. What do you think about it? Please give me the feedback on this.

In this post, I would like to talk about The SAEM Blush Stick that I already use it for years and I really love the shade. I already review about this product previously and you may see through this LINK. I choose the pink colour with some glitter effects and I feel this colour would be the match color with my skin tone, which is the dark skin tone.

Do you want to know more about this blush stick? You can check the video below. The video is in the Indonesian version but I put the subtitle in it.

I hope this post give some information to you. Do you think which one would be more informative, the video version or a writing version?

Thanks for reading and watching.

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