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A Healthy Life Starts from Healthy Breakfast [Healthy Serial]

How can we say YES to breakfast, especially if we are in a rush catching a train or having a morning meeting. The “NO” word will be the preferred choice. Sometimes, we prefer to have a simple and fast type of breakfast that we can have in the car or in the public transport. Actually, breakfast is the most important thing to have before starting daily activity. Our body need it to have the energy for a whole day.

I, personally, rarely had breakfast because I did not like my stomach is already fulfilled with food in the morning, which can affect the digestion process for a day or two days. I only can eat boiled egg or bread. That’s it! However, as time goes by, I realize that the healthy life is the most important point for having a comfort body and a long life. And it starts from breakfast.

Let’s start to talk about a healthy life …..

How can we have a healthy life? We can say that it can be gained by consume healthy foods and beverages, doing some exercises and also try to avoid the unhealthy things. Based on my experiences, those are very hard and we need extra efforts for accomplishing those wonderful dream. The delicious foods contain a lot of artificial flavors and preservatives, which are totally unhealthy.

This blog post is based on my experience. I have changed my lifesytle behaviour, such as quit smoking, consume 2 glasses of fruit and vegetable juices every day, and having healthy foods. Honestly, it was hard at the begining because I had to change my daily habbit. I also have to spend around 2 hours per day for preparing juices and super selective on foods. After a month, I get used to it and I feel akward if don’t do those healthy behaviour. I also feel my body healthier and lighter. Now, I want to share my story to you within a serial post.

In this post, I would like to share about my breakfast to you. I only have few minutes to have breakfast every morning before work. I used to have a piece of bread or granola. I know that granola is the current trend of having a healthy life. However, this would be the simple type of breakfast that I can choose, especially during weekdays and I still have lots of benefits. I used to consume granola by itself or by combining with fruits and milk.

Granola is served with fruits and a juice

Granola is served with fruits and a juice

What is Granola?
As we gathered the information about Granola, it is the breakfast food that generally consists rolled oats, nuts, honey or other sweteeners. Actually, the ingredients may varied based on individual preferences. Granola is supposed to be eaten as a breakfast but sometimes I eat it as a snack by combining with fruits. It won’t make my stomach full but healthy instead. The serve combination also may vary based on own favorite. For some people, they prefer to eat granola with milk, hot water, yoghurt, fruits or just eat by itself.

Basically, the side dish combination of granola won’t affect the benefits of Granola itself. It still deliver the positive benefits for us.

What are the benefits? I got these points from the website of Organic Facts that you may check through this LINK.

  • Improve Digestion
  • Weight Loss
  • Reduced Cholesterol Level
  • Boosted Energy Level
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Anemia Prevention
  • Boosted Cognition
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Skin Care
  • Regulated Blood Sugar

And you may find another benefits……

I will share my experience of eating Granola as my breakfast with different ingredients as well as the benefits of each serve in my next serial posts.

Do you prefer to have a light breakfast or a heavy one? Please share your experiences.

Thanks for reading.


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