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[Review] : Wardah Anti Aging Intensive Serum (Renew You)

A fresh looking facial skin every morning will be the dream for most women. It will boost our moods for the rest of the day because the healthy skin may absorb the skincare and make up properly. Do we need a special treatment at night to our facial skin?

Doing the skincare routine is the thing that should be done for most women every day, every week or in a specific period, in order to have a healthy glowing skin. According to that dream, we usually used different products’ series for daytime and night time. The ingredients of a daytime skincare products usually lighter than the ingredients for the night time. Basically, our skin will need an in-depth skin treatment at night for improving the skin condition after facing lots of pollution during the day and the proper night treatment will drive the skin condition back to normal.

I, personally, do the proper night skincare routine, which is based on my version. What are they ?

  • After cleansing my facial skin with a facial oil and a facial foam, I apply the facial toner in all over my face. Currently, I used Wardah Hydrating Toner. It is the Indonesian brand and it is suitable to my skin as my skin is very sensitive. I reviewed this toner that can be read through this LINK.
  • After the toner has dried, I continue to apply the facial essence in all over my facial skin. Since December 2017, I use L’OREAL Revitalift Essence Water and I put the review in this LINK.  Actually, after 7 months of usage, I haven’t got a significant result like my previous facial treatment essence (SK II). However, I believe that each product provide different benefits.
  • The facial serum that I currently used is Anti Aging Intensive Serum from Wardah. I will share my story about this product within my post.
  • The next one would the night cream application. I still used PALMER’S Cocoa Butter Formula Moisture Rich Night Cream for years. I really love this cream because my skin feels extra moisturized and chewy when I wake up in the morning. I reviewed this night cream through this LINK.
  • The last thing that I used to do in my skincare routine is applying the eye cream. This is valid for a daytime and a night time. I use Anti-Aging Formula from the Therapy for approximately one year. I put my review through this LINK.

Wardah Anti Aging Intensive Serum

What do I feel after a night skincare treatment?

These would be what I actually love when I apply the skincare products at night regularly. I feel my skin is very moisturized, healthy, glowing and it also absorbs the skincare products as well as cosmetics easily and evenly. I also feel my skin tone become even and also very soft. This would be the reason of my regular skincare application at night.

What do I feel after using Wardah Anti Aging Intensive Serum?

At a first usage …

Actually, this is my first bottle and I honestly didn’t like this serum at a first month  of application. I know that my skin is very sensitive and it makes me very selective in choosing the right product for my skin. During the first application, I get the irritation in my facial skin and my skin became dull. The acne also came out regularly. Then, I automatically stopped applying this serum and my skin became better.

After two months …

Then, after two months didn’t use this serum, I went to use it back with the reason of I haven’t purchase other facial serum yet. And I must to apply it throughout my face and wishing that the irritation won’t come back. The amazing thing was my skin becoming better after applying this serum with a healthy, moisturized and glowing results. I didn’t find the skin irritation, which was good and relieve. I don’t know how it works in having different results from my first time usage but I still use it until today. However, the result might be varies based on the skin condition and types.


The thick texture of Wardah Anti Aging Intensive Serum

What does Wardah Anti Aging Intesinve Serum promise that stated in the packaging box?

This serum has advanced RecoverAge system with Apple (Malus Domestica) Stem Cell Extract, Advanced Moisturizing Complex, 5 Botanical Extracts and Peptide. These ingredients may give the following benefits:

  • Help the skin to becomes softer and chewy
  • To keep skin moist
  • To keep skin elasticiy
  • To help disguise signs of aging, such as the dark spots and fine lines
  • Consist antioxidant
  • It consists a light formula and it is very comforting

How to Use?

This serum application might be in the same order as my night skincare routine that I describe above. It applies in a very clean skin. And try to avoid the eye area. With the thick texture of the serum, I only use one pump of the serum and apply it in all over my face and wait until it is absorbed into my skin before continue the further skincare application. The application would be very easy and it is very general for serum application.

Because of the current result of having moisturized, healthy and glowing skin after applying Wardah Anti Aging Intesive Serum (Renew You), I decided to finish the bottle and will think over to repurchase. I hope this post will give you the useful information before purchasing the serum for a night time usage. Thank you for reading.




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