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[Review] Get a Natural Look with Emina Starlash Aqua Mascara

Honestly, I rarely wear mascara every day. I mostly found the mascara liquid is faded easily and it looks real especially in the eye bag. Then, I look unhealthy as well as having lack of sleep on the night before. I really hate if this thing happens to me. However, even-though I do not wear mascara on a daily basis, I should have at least one mascara in case I will need it in the future.

I tried to find lots of waterproof mascara but it did not work properly on me. The faded still happen after approximately 2 hours usage. And I gave up to search for another mascaras……..

Emina Starlash Aqua Mascara

Then, I was introduced by the sales girl in Guardian store about the mascara that she has proud of. It is Emina Starlash Aqua Mascara. It is the Indonesian brand and I thought that this is dedicated for teenagers. She said that it won’t fade easily and it is a waterproof mascara. I trusted her and I decided to try it on.

The packaging of Emina Starlash Aqua Mascara

The packaging of this mascara is very cute with a theme of chic and fun. It has the unique slim shape of the packaging. It is a very perfect shape with mascara size. In terms of the lid, it is strong enough and safe from spilling.

The brush quality

The bristle brush also has a slim shape and has diagonally circular patterned with short fiber. It should make eyelashes look longer.

The bristle brush of Emina Starlash Aqua Mascara

My Experience

The black solid mascara texture gave me a doubt at a first stage because the texture is a bit thick and I was affraid that the mascara won’t be applied in a proper way and make some clots in my eyelashes. However, that was my false thought. The mascara’s liquid is able to apply in my eyelashes evenly and it can be done in only less than a minute for one side. They don’t make some clots in my eyelashes. This is one of the good thing.

Another good effect of Emina Starlash Aqua Mascara is the mascara’s liquid won’t leave any marks in the eye bags even-though I use it more than 6 hours. I really greatful of this! Finally, I found the real waterproof mascara.

However, it does not make my eyelashes look longer or thicker. It doesn’t matter for me though. It still gives the strong eyelashes color but still look natural.

So, if you want to have a natural look, you can use the products that are suitable for teenagers because usually those products have natural colors and less heavy ingredients.

Thanks for reading.


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