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POND’S MAGIC POWDER – Is it for baby?

Wearing a light make-up but still get the fabulous look is my wish for daily make-up. I know it is impossible for me as I am very addicted with an extra coverage compact powder, a matte BB cream with also has an extra coverage formula, shading, blush-on, highlighter, and other cosmetics to make my skin well-covered. Then, someday I have a thought that my skin is working hard by absorbing too many ingredients from cosmetics and skincare. And I decided to use the heavy make-up by turns with the light ones.

A baby powder for face?

Some day, my friend told me about the magic powder that is currently famous in Asian market. She said that the powder is very good for daily usage and her skin can absorb the powder very well. To be honest, I didn’t believe her at that moment. And my automatic comment was ………..

“Is it the powder for baby? And did you put it on your whole face? Really?”

It was just very awkward because the packaging is like the baby powder and we put that powder on our whole face. Oh my God, it was a BIG NO NO for me. It was just not right. And I thought that the ingredients would not cover my uneven skin texture.

And everything has change …

At the time when I decided to lessen the usage of daily make-up and more focusing on the skincare routine, I started to curious about this powder. It is POND’s magic powder. I think it is from Thailand, because there are some Thailand words that stated in the packaging, which is I don’t understand the meaning at all. In my opinion, the powder is good to be used, especially while the skin get irritated because it has a lighter ingredients than the compact version.

POND’S magic powder

I was very exciting to try this powder and I need to get approval of the good results of this powder.

The major challenge for me is … “Get the powder evenly in my whole facial skin”

I think I am not the only one who face this challenge. When applying the powder on our facial skin, we need to have a good feeling and a soft touch in applying any kind of powder to make the layers look evenly. Honestly, it took me more than 10 minutes just to apply the powder after BB cream or foundation. However, the good result is not guaranteed though. It depends on my luck on that day.

The safe lid for POND’S Magic Powder

My Tips

After experiencing with many application methods of facial powder, I have TWO strong tips to make the powder looks evenly and these tips also can reduce the crack effect on the facial skin.

  • Baking Method : I really love this method. After the foundation or BB cream is already absorbed into the skin, I apply the powder by using beauty blender in 5 spots, which are forehead, nose, cheeks, chin, jaw lines and neck. Don’t be afraid of the amount of the powder. I can put as much as I want and leave it for about 5 minutes before I blend the powder with the facial brush. By applying this method, the powder will spread evenly throughout my facial skin and the natural look will be achieved.
  • Applying the BB cream or Foundation by using the beauty blender : This method is also helpful to make the face powder look even. When I apply the BB cream, foundation, or other make-up base by using beauty blender, the product texture will be lighter and more natural. It won’t leave the skin crack and give the glowing effect instead. Make sure that you leave around 3 minutes after this make-up base application before applying the powder, in order to make sure that the ingredients are already well-absorbed into the skin. In my case, by doing this, the powder will blend perfectly with the make-up base and it will stay longer.

What is POND’S magic powder?

The light texture of POND’S Magic Powder

Finally, I use this powder and amazingly I love it so much. I know that the packaging is like the powder for kids or babies. But it doesn’t matter for me as long as the ingredients are suitable to my skin.

I usually apply this powder everytime I need to go out with a light make-up but still have the proper look. There are some points that I want to share about POND’S magic powder.

  • There are 3 types of this powder, which are differentiated by the packaging colour. Those are Pink – White (Pinkish White Glow), Blue – White (Natural Mattifying) and Pink (Magic Powder). You may choose based on your skin types.
  • I choose the pink one. Beside it is the pioneer and the most famous powder in POND’S product range, I like the powder colour that is light brown. This is very unique and I haven’t try the powder with this kind of colour. And as I have a dark skin tone, a light brown powder colour should be good, especially if I mix it with darker shade of foundation.
  • The other thing that I love about this powder is the soft texture. It is really soft and easy to blend it with the make-up base after baking.
  • My skin is very sensitive, which is good to indicate whether the ingredients get along with my skin in less than 1 hour. This POND’S magic powder doesn’t give the negative impact on my skin. I think this is because the ingredients are light enough and it is good for daily usage.
  • A natural look result is other benefit that I get from this powder. Firstly, I didn’t believe that this powder can give the maximum result and I still need to do touch up every 3 or 4 hours. In fact, this powder can give the perfect light finish with a little bit glowing effect. And I don’t have to do the touch up.
  • The thing that I don’t like is the packaging. Why? It is because it needs an extra effort to get the powder out from the bottle, which could be splashed everywhere, especially while driving. The packaging is a cute small bottle with a thick material and the lid has a built-in cover.

At the end, I regularly apply this powder for my daily usage. It is good for the health of my skin because it is not too heavy but it still have the light to medium coverage.
Do you have any experience of using this powder? Please share …….

Thanks for reading.


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