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Review : Wardah Seaweed Cleansing Micellar Water

Having a very fresh and clean facial skin without a proper cleaning everyday would be the dream of many women in the world. Most of us have some hectic routines and we just need a long rest with doing less on our face at night. But how will it work well?

In order to get the proper look, we used to wear an heavy make up for work. Some people wear less make up but they still have their make up on. For me, the make up is good for covering our skin from UV rays and pollution. That is only my opinion because I love make up too much.

In order to have a continuous clean and healthy skin, removing any make up or skincare products from our skin is very important to do everyday, especially if we have the make up on even though it is only a few. Those dirt should be cleaned to maintain from pimples occurrence. However, we cannot deny that sometimes we don’t have a time just to clean our face after work or school. In my case, the proper time to clean my face after doing daily activities is about 15 – 20 minutes. On a regular base, I do triple cleansing method. I know that it is tiring because I have to start cleansing by wiping my face with cleansing oil, then continue with cleansing cream and finish it with cleansing foam. Actually, this is my own method to ensure that my skin is clean enough without any dirt left on my face.

HOWEVER, I am too lazy to do those cleansing method as I feel too tired and I need to have a rest in a second after arriving home. 15 minutes might be too long for me, but I still need to remove my make up because I don’t like to sleep with a make up on. So, what do I use to remove the dirt in my face during my “lazy period”?

Wardah Nature Daily Seaweed Cleansing Micellar Water

Wardah Nature Daily Seaweed Cleansing Micellar Water

Micellar water is very good for cleansing our skin from any kind of cosmetics that stick on our face. I used many kind of micellar water but this is my first bottle from Wardah. Wardah is the Indonesian skincare and cosmetic brand that claims themselves as a halal product. At the first stage, I never try this micellar water and I had no idea about this product. I just want to try it as the price is very affordable and also the seaweed ingredient is very good for a sensitive skin (as long as I know).

What does this micellar water claim at?

As stated in the bottle, it can be applied by itself without washing up required at the end of the cleansing. One of the reason I use micellar water during my laziness period because it is able to do with only 1 wipe to remove make up and clean the skin perfectly. In terms of the ingredient, it contains multiaction formula and bio cleansing active. I don’t know what it is to be exact but I get a click with the detail ingredients, which are : Balancing Seaweed + Cucumber Extract; Multiaction Formula; and Bio Cleansing Active.

My experience using Wardah Micellar Water

I used to use this Micellar Water to clean my make-up everyday. The fresh feeling is left behind. Sometimes, it is just too fresh with less moisturized. Then, I used to combine it with Wardah Nature Daily Seaweed Balancing Cleanser. I will review this product in my next blog post. Actually, by combining with any kind of cream type of cleanser, there will be better result in my skin, which is fresh and moisturized skin. Beside removing the dirt in my face, I also used this micellar water every morning before taking the shower. This is to clean my facial skin from any night cream and other skincare products that I applied overnight.

The application is very easy. I just put the micellar water in the cotton pad and wipe it in all over my face. Wait until the liquid is dry and continue for the next application.

But ….

I feel the bitter taste when I use this micellar water to clean the lipstick. I don’t know what the ingredient that have this kind of taste but I am very inconvenient with the taste on my lips. Therefore, I never use this micellar water to clean my lip.

What is the simplest skincare product that is your favorite to clean your face from make up?


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