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Serial (Surakarta) : Instagramable Spot in Lembah Semilir

Traveling is my other favorite thing to do beside doing the skincare routine. There won’t be a limitation of the travel destination as long as they have a fresh air and interesting sceneries. The peaceful feeling will follow the destination aura and the good mood will be existed.

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-11 at 1.42.34 PM

The beautiful scenery in Karanganyar


Few months ago, I went to Surakarta (Central Java) to celebrate Idul Fitri with my family. Then, I continued to travel to out of the Surakarta city for the exploration purpose. I want to explore more about the area surround Surakarta and I also want to check whether there are some unique tourist attractions that can be interested for Local and International tourists.

Lembah Semilir

When people hear about Central Java, they mostly think about Borobudur temple or Prambanan in Jogjakarta, culinary attraction in Surakarta, and other known famous tourist attractions. Have you ever heard Karanganyar area? It is still located in Central Java and it took around 2 – 3 hours drive from Surakarta city. There are many tourist attractions in Karanganyar, especially related with cultural and sceneries. One of the place that was attracted my eye is Lembah Semilir. It is located in valley of the slopes of Mount Lawu. You may imagine how cool is the air in the area. There were some unique attraction in there, such us Hobbit House, the artificial of Dutch windmill, a tree house and other interesting spot, which made from bamboo material. Those spots are very popular because those are very instagramable and a lot of young people come to this place only to take some photos and post them in their social media. Actually, I did that too.

This place is quite new though. However, you can’t compare this with the hobbit house in New Zealand. Overall, this place is great for photo documentation.

Beside those cute spots, the scenery is also very beautiful as it is located in the middle of a tea garden. Therefore, you can see the best view from the hill with green surround. I really love the view as well as I was able to breathe fresh air.

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-11 at 1.27.12 PM (1)

Enjoy the fresh weather in Lembah Semilir

Lots of Challenge in Lembah Semilir Footpath

The unfriendly path way would be one of the challenge in Lembah Semilir. The path is very steep and also slippery. We need to past the dangerous path to reach from one spot to the other. I don’t recommend this place for old people and little without any supervisions.

It is hard to find the place

Honestly, this place is very beautiful but I personally find hard to get into the place. There was no clear direction with clear signage. I had to go through in small alley, which only can be accessed by 1 car. Honestly, I find this place accidentally.

Entrance Fee 

The entrance fee for Lembah Semilir is very affordable, which is only IDR 5,000 per person or it is about 0.35 cents. If you bring the vehicles there is the car park just outside the park.

I will share about other interesting places in Karanganyar in my next posts.

Thanks for reading.

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