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Welcoming the Healthier Lips with My Two Favorite Products

Hello all,

I am so so sorry for the absence in writing my reviews on beauty products and traveling. Actually, I plan to change the content to video instead of writing because people tend to see the visual rather than writing nowadays. But, I still want to write. And it was ended with the confusion of mine. What do you think about this? I really need your input.

In this post, I want to share my experience on two lip treatment products that I usually apply every day. Previously, I have tried many lip treatment products for years and I ended up with these two. Basically, my lip condition is very dry, less moisturized and sometimes in some parts are chapped. It was very frustrating because the dry lips cannot blend with the lipstick properly. It made some uneven texture in the lips or even the lipstick cannot stick in the lips. Then, I have tried too many skincare to treat my lips but it was failed. Some of them did not give any effect on my lip and some of them just make my lip get worst.

Finally, I found 2 lip treatment products and both of them are suitable for my lip. Each product are being used for different purpose and in different time. What are those products?

Tony Moly Ferment Snail Lip Treatment

Tony Moly Ferment Snail Lip Treatment

This is my favorite lip treatment product from Tony Moly and this is the first product that I ever use from this brand. And I really satisfy and decide to repurchase. I have reviewed on some of the lip treatment product that you might see through this LINK, which include Tony Moly Ferment Snail Lip Treatment. The texture of this snail lip treatment is thick enough and it is a bit hard to make it blend with the glossy lipstick or a medium-matte colour lipstick. I usually apply this lip treatment product under the matte lipstick and it will make the lipstick texture more even and stands out.

How to use?

I used to apply a few amount of snail treatment in my lip. A few amount would be better to avoid the glossy effect after use. If we apply too much amount of this treatment, it will make the lipstick formula mix with it and it will look untidy. In order to make the ingredients well-absorbed into my lip, I used to apply it before starting the skincare and make-up routine every morning. It means that while I finish the make-up routine, the ingredients are already absorbed and ready to apply for a matte lipstick.
My Summary

As this snail lip treatment has a medium thick texture, it should combine with the thicker texture for the even and proper result. This is the reason why I use the matte type of lipstick while using this treatment.

Pure Paw Paw Ointment

I know about this product when I traveled to Melbourne, Australia in 2013. I found it in Priceline store but I did not have interest to buy it. I do not know about this product and the benefits within. As long as I know, this product is always located in the sale box in Priceline. So, I thought that this is only the regular lip balm. Finally, I realized about the real benefit of Pure Paw Paw Ointment after years and I really love it.

What does it claim?

It is a tropical ointment used for dry, chapped, cracked lips and skin to soothe and smooth. My thought is this oinment’s function is like the petroleum jelly. It can be applied in any places in our body, including lips.

The texture of Pure Paw Paw is thick, I used to apply this ointment as the lip treatment for the night treatment. I couldn’t apply it together with the lipstick because the lipstick colour won’t stand out and the formula will be mixed for some products. So, it won’t work well for AM. This ointment works very well for my lip. It gets better everytime I wake up in the morning, which is the dryness in my lip reduce and lip becomes more moisturized. I really satisfy with it and I get depend on with this ointment.

The texture

The texture of Pure Paw Paw Ointment is thick enough and it has the sticky formula. It means that a thin lyer application works well rather than ruins out our day of being messed up on our lips.

Those two products can reduce the dryness of my lip, even-though the results do not come out in a second. Those are still need the processes.

What are your favourite lip treatment products that you already use for years? Let’s share with me!

Thanks for reading.


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