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Enjoy the moment in “Village Coffee and Kitchen” Cafe

To boost the best ideas come out from our brain, sometimes we just need the comfort place for us just to sit and relax. The brain condition may reflect our act for the day, including thinking, working or even it can create the mood.

A mute or a quite cafe is my favorite spot to write my blog or creating the travel itinerary. The atmosphere is just right to boost my brain in getting some ideas. Beside I am a coffee lover, I also a cafe lover. This is the reason why I always find the comfort cafe to get some ideas or just having a me time. My mood can be changed automatically if I find the right cafe that can give the best feel and inject the positive aura for me.

I want to share my experience while working in Village Coffee and Kitchen cafe, in Kemang, Indonesia. This cafe was very cute, tiny and it has vintage atmosphere. There are a lot of accessories plastered inside the cafe, including the wall. This can make many spots can be used as the photo background or we can say that the place is ‘instagrammable’ enough. Because of the vintage ornaments, this cafe is like a doll house and it is very girly.

Another situation that I like about this cafe is less crowded ambiance when I came in. I did not know whether it is affected by the time or it is the common situation in that cafe. Actually, this is good for me because I can write my blog maximally without any distractions.


In my opinion the location is less strategic, because it does not on the main road that is Kemang Raya road. It means that this cafe would be unrecognized easily as there are many cafes surround. We only can spot this cafe when we pass the Taman Kemang road.


Beside the vintage atmosphere, we were accompanied with 80s slow classic songs. Those were not too old song but at least we knew the songs and we could sing along while working. The songs could also invent comfort ambiance and giving the motivation for me in getting some ideas for my blog.

We were still have the privacy while sitting though, as there are some distances between tables. I think this might be one of the factors for the comfortable creation. However, there is one thing that I did not like in this cafe. The smoking area is located inside the non smoking area. The smoking section’s doors should be closed though, but when I came in the door was open. It make the smoke spread to non smoking section.

Food and Beverage

I ordered onion rings and strawberry juice as my booster while waiting. To be honest, the onion rings were cooked with lots of flour that make those are very hard to bite even using a knife and fork. The strawberry juice was fine and it was still drinkable. This cafe has other food and beverages that can be ordered, such as omelette, sandwiches, Indonesian foods and other yummy menus.

My Thoughts

Overall, I like Village Coffee and Kitchen cafe because I get the chemistry with the ambiance nor the onion rings though. The atmosphere was good for my blog life. Haha …

Thanks for reading.


  1. I absolutely love to explore new cafes and just go to them to work on my blog, do some journaling, etc.. so I can totally relate to you! This cafe looks like one that I’d love to visit. 😊


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