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Review : Jill Beauty Eyebrow Pencil

The wrecked color and broken shape of eyebrows would be the most dangerous thing for most women. As we know that eyebrows can talk much rather than the facial powder, which means that we can depend on the eyebrows shape only and using less make-up to get the proper look for work or go to university. That’s woman life.

How can we avoid the wreck of eyebrows and get the proper look with the right eyebrow pencil?

We know that most cosmetic brands offer various type of eyebrow pencil, which are the pencil type, pomade and powder. All of them promise to give the natural shape of brow and easy to apply. In my case, I like to wear all of them but for different purpose. Let me explain.

  • Pencil Type : I know about this type since the first time I use the eyebrow product. I call it the original type of brow product. This type is able to give the natural look to our eyebrow but we have to make sure that the pencil shape is not too blunt, which can make the eyebrow look too thick and not natural.
  • Pomade Type : This type can make the eyebrow looks dramatic and show the strong shape. This is good for the afternoon application to give the strong effect to our eyes’ area at night. If we apply it in the daytime, it will look too firm and less natural.
  • Powder Type : I really like this type as it can give the natural shape of eyebrow, especially with the brown color. If we want to have a thicker shape, we can make the eyebrow shape with the pencil type and fill the shape with the powder type. The result would be so perfect and proper for both day and night.

Jill Beauty Eyebrow Pencil

Jill Beauty Eyebrow Pencil

In this post, I would like to share my experience in using Jill Beauty Eyebrow Pencil for the first time. I use the dark brown color, which is the great choice to get the natural look for the eyebrow.

My first impression

When I saw this type of brow product, I suddenly remember the original type that I have used for the first time years ago. I kept question in my mind about the product quality as there are many types of brow products with ranges of color and texture. This curiosity was my trigger to apply this eyebrow pencil and I could not wait for the result.

Product Textures

The texture of Jill Beauty Eyebrow Pencil is very solid but it has the soft shape, which make us easy during the application.

What can I say after using Jill Beauty Eyebrow Pencil?


At the first layer, the color does not come out too obvious, which make me easy for setting the brow shape up as a guidance. I, personally, do not like the strong eyebrow color since the first application because I can’t create the brow shape as a guidance. That’s why I like Jill Beauty Eyebrow Pencil. As having the soft texture, I am able to create the brow shape easily starting at the first application until the last one. Originally, I have a thin line of eyebrow and I can make it thicker but in nature way with this brow pencil. The dark brown color make my brow shape more natural but still give the strong character.

This eyebrow is also waterproof as I only apply it in the morning after shower and the eyebrow still has the proper shape at 7 pm. For your information, I used to do ablution before praying 5 times a day and the water on my face is the sure thing. And I feel safe that I still have the great shape after praying.

The thing that might be great if it is provided with the eyebrow brush to create the brow shape easily.

Overall, I like this brow pencil and if you want to purchase it you can find it in

Have you try this product previously? I am waiting for your story.

Thanks for reading.

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