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Looking like a clown would be the scariest thing that will be happened to most woman, especially if we wear a heavy make-up during the day time. Absolutely, lots of people will scream if they see us wearing a strong contrast color in our face. Otherwise, color is the most important thing in fashion and lifestyle. How can we adapt the current trend with our performance to reduce the weirdness possibility in our look?

Honestly, I love make-up so much. I will lose my confidence if I take my make-up off or wearing less make-up in my daily activities. I know that’s too much but that’s me. The ‘make-up no make-up’ look is my favorite. People will see I wear no make-up, but in reality I wear too much make-up with natural shade and nude lipstick.

Experiencing with Eye Shadow?

Eye shadow is one of a rare cosmetics that I use everyday. I like to wear it but with different purposes. It works well and I want to share this with you.

  • Darkest Color : In the eye shadow palette, usually, we can have various tones and shades, which are starting from the lightest color to the darkest one. People tend to use the dark color to strengthen our eyes shape by applying at the tip of our eyes. However, I never apply it as it is. I apply the darkest color of the eye shadow to shape my eye brow and trust me, the eye brow will look natural for daily look.
  • Medium Color Tone : The middle color tone is usually applied in our eyelid and it used to make our eyes shape look proper and bright enough. It would work very well if we combine it with with black eyeliner, which make our eyes look more shape. With this tone, I use it at it is by applying in all over my eye lid and I finish it by applying the darkest color of eye shadow as the eyeliner.
  • Lightest Color : The lightest color of eye shadow is usually being applied in the front end of the eyes and under the eyebrow. For this color, I use to apply it under the eyebrow, just between the eyebrow and the eyelid. This is great to make your eye areas look fresh and wider. However, you better do not apply it too much because your eyes will look smaller and it won’t be balance with the area above.



I want to share my story after trying FACE RECIPE TRI-ME EYE SHADOW. I used to apply the natural shade of eye shadow but this time I chose more colorful tone. I want to make my facial look more lively but still natural.

What’s inside the packaging?

I want to talk about the packaging first. Actually, this is just the regular eye shadow packaging. The simple packaging that contains 3 shades of eye shadow and a two-sided applicator. The packaging is strong enough and it won’t fall apart when I put in my make-up pouch and in the bag.

What are the shade?

It has 3 shades, which are starting from the darkest color, medium and lighter. These are exactly the same like what I said at above points.


  • Dark Grey : This is the darkest color. I like this color instead of the black color. In my opinion, black color can block your eyes area aura and the lighter color will show the brightness. Dark grey color will be my favorite color and I apply this color for shaping my eye brow. The texture is solid enough and you have to be careful during the application to avoid the strong color appearance. This shade can also be applied in the eyelid as the eyeliner.
  • Blue Grey : This color is very cute and it is not common. When I look in the palette, it looks dark enough. However, it has different color when I apply it in my eyelid as the eye shadow. The color is lighter but it still has the blue tone. I use it as the eye shadow base and it won’t make my eyes look small.
  • Light Blue : The light blue color is also very cute and I like to apply it in my nose as a highlighter. I just apply it in a thin layer, which is not too much to avoid the blue outcome. I also apply it under the eyebrow by using my finger to make the texture more spread and natural.

All of those shades contain the glitter but it is only a few. So, it won’t give a ‘blink’ result but the fresh outcome instead.

How about the eye shadow texture?

The texture of all colors are soft enough and the color won’t come out easily. At the first swipe, the colors look very soft and we have to do in repeat until getting the expected shade. I like this because I don’t like the strong color, which make me panic if I applied it in the wrong way.


Yes! I want to try different shade of eyebrow, which I can use it for different purpose.


Actually, it very easy to get. You can purchase this product in and you can click this LINK for the access.

Do you have funny experience in wearing eye shadow during the daytime?

Thanks for reading.

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