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Sharing the Business Information through Website

In this post, I want to talk about doing the business by using the Website. Actually, this is my next post after “Using Social Media for Business” that you can see through this LINK. I know that most people are already using the Website and I want to share my experience on this kind of activity. My business does not run as a big business, like selling the products or services. My business is my blog. And the Website is the must thing to have. Along the way, I think Website is very powerful medium to share the information about the products and services in low costs. The information about the products and services can be shared visually with adding short descriptions, which is more attractive.

What were my challenges while starting my own Website?


Basically, I am not an IT person or a technological expert. But, I love to explore the technological term, especially related with gadget or laptop. “Confusing” was the first challenge that I had to face while setting up my website. I did not know about coding, theme, hosting, and other back-ends at the first stage but I accepted the challenges. That was not easy though and I kept learning. Then, I tried to find the solution by choosing the most user-friendly platform, which WordPress. I know that most business use this platform for their Websites and I believe that the feature would be easy to apply. Finally, the challenge term was changing to the opportunity to learn something new from the expert.

Tips and tricks in developing the Website

  • Choose the most user-friendly platform. It’d be great if they provide with a 24 hour call center services. The thing that I love about WordPress that it provides the call centre that can be contacted 24 hours and they sent the chat records through email. They also offer the online course about the Website, which include Website theme, effectiveness, SEO setting, content and others. It is very helpful for me.
  • Choose the Website theme that suitable for desktop and mobile. Just be careful beause usually the cute themes does not applicable for mobile or vice versa.
  • The Website theme should also compatible for the advertisement spots. This is very useful if we want to build the affiliation with other companies and embed the Wordads or Google Adsense. Some themes have few spots for the advertisements, which make us difficult in putting the affiliate banner or another monetizing sources in the Website’s layout.
  • The Website should have the auto link to the social media. This is very important. As we write the article and post it in our Website, it will automatically post in our social media. The social media will boost the viewer of the article and it will have the opportunity to increase our Website followers.
  • In choosing the theme, we have to match with our content. It means that if we write a lot and put the photos as the supporting content, we can use the theme that show photos and short descriptions in the main page. So, people can have the brief information before they click the full content. But if our contents are mostly videos, the spot for visual is more recommended rather than the description spot.
  • DOT.COM will be great for the Website to be acceptable in most platform, such as Pinterest, etc. It is also being trusted to public and people will get attract to the DOT.COM Website instead of the free hosting Website.

How to monetize our Website?

This actually everybody dreams, including me. I just want to make money from my Website by updating my contents regularly. And this can be used as a passive income as well as the main income in the future. There are some items that I do to monetize my Website.


A sample of the Wordads spot in

  • Build the affiliation with the trusted partners, such as, Lazada, Blibli, Amazon, eBay, and other potential partners. We should read the requirements carefully before we submit the application for the affiliation. However, some companies cannot get affiliated with the Website that based in Indonesia. So, check the queries, be selective and focus. If we already fulfill the requirements, we fill the e-form and submit it to the potential partners and they will contact us back with the information whether we are being approved as the affiliation partner or being rejected. By having the affiliation, we can get the incentives per click, per view or even per transaction.
  • Setting monetizing tools that are provided by the Website provider. As I use the WordPress platform, I set Wordads for monetizing. Based on the explanation from the WordPress communication staff, they said that Wordads is counted by viewing whereas Google Adsense is counted by clicking the ads. Some people have both monetizing tools but I just follow the regulation of Wordpres can only connected with Wordads.

What is the perfect style of our Website?

It depends on how we want people see our companies through the Website charm. Trust me this needs a long process and face lots of challenges but we enjoy it with fun like creating a beach house.

  • Fun and Casual Website — It means that even though we run the serious business but we still want to look as a fun company with a relax environment. We can apply some attractive colors in the Website theme and organize the content in casual way. Just avoid the formal order because the fun and casual effect will be dissapeared. Be creative. The casual style of writing should be applied in the content. It means that we cannot be too serious in delivering the messages but we still have to send the message in proper way.
  • Simple and Clean Website — Sometimes, we do not want our Website look too crowded or having too much information in it. The clean color should be applied in the whole theme background, such as a white and creme colors. Please avoid the black color as a background theme as it will shower the mourn mood. The detail content should be allocated inside the Website channel instead of in the main page. We just put a litle bit of the company background in the home page and leading to the detail content.
  • Just a personal Website — This is like my website in I put the some of the content in the main page with few descriptions in each photo. I also put the content categories as the Website channel. This categories are purposed to guide readers in choosing the right content based on their needs.

Posting contents regularly is a must!

Based on my experience, this would be the best challenge. As I work everyday and I have to spend about 1 to 2 hours writing and posting the content. At first, I posted 3 times per day and now I post one content per 2 or 3 days. That’s OK as long as the posting become a regular post and people will aware the posting and never be forgotten. The content does not have to be an article but it can be the photo content with a photo caption. So, that will help us to manage our time in creating the content.

Blend your mood with your article

I know that everybody have a passion. In writing, we should blow our passion up by blending our writing mood while writing. Trust me, it is gonna be different both in writing and the outcome article. The chemistry will be appeared and engage easily with the reader. This needs some process but if you already get it, you won’t need more time to setting up the mood to writing.

I think this is the end of the story about my experience in using the Website for my business. And I want to talk about this more if you need some topic that need to be discussed and shared. Please comment and let’s discuss!

Thanks for reading!

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