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[Review] : sk7 Shower Gel and Body Scrub

The scaly skin will appear in our whole skin if it does not get well-treated. However, it won’t be impossible, the scaly skin will be there even though we already treat our skin very well.

That means treating our body skin everyday is a must. Sometimes, we just use any kind of soaps to clean our body from dirt. Actually, I did that before. I didn’t want to think too much just to choose the body soap. I thought that the body soap only cleanse our body from any pollution and I use body lotion to moisturize my skin instead of thinking about the ingredient of my soap. The thing that I care most was my facial skin. I know that it was wrong and I changed my habit. Now, I know that the body skin is the same important as the facial skin and it has to be treated everyday and even in every second. The body skin has to face lots of pollution, different weather temperatures, and other factors that can reduce the skin health.

Sk7 Shower Gel and Body Scrub

In this post, I would like to share my experience in using sk7 Shower Gel and Body Scrub. This is my first time using this products with different scents, which have different benefits.

What are they?

Sakura Shower Gel

Sakura Shower Gel

As it is stated in the packing, it has the benefit for giving us the feeling fresh, boost and refreshing. It contain cherry blossoms’ extract and it gives the cool and fresh feeling, remove fat, eliminate imperfections on the skin, activate micro circulation effectively to brighten the whole skin. Brighter, glowing, soft and flexible skin will come out as the result after taking a shower. The scent combination of grass and cherry blossom will activate body and mind.

My experience – I used this shower gel after scrubbing my body skin. I felt my skin so soft and chewy. The scent is also soft and calm and it is not too strong. Which is good for me as I don’t like the strong scent from the soap. However, I find it is hard while release the soap from the bottle. I don’t know whether the hole is to small or the plastic material is too thick. So, I have to take off the lid and release the soap directly.

Brazil Nuts Shower Cream

Brazil Nut Shower Cream

The ingredients of this shower cream is used for moisturizing. The additional Brazil nuts and various nutrition micro element, which are contained inside the shower cream, are able to clean the dirt and excessive oil, brighten and soften the skin, and giving the soft scent.

My experience – I love this scent. The texture is really soft and make my skin softer and give the calmness during the application. I think the soap texture is softer because I can release it easy from the bottle.

Natural Nutritious Shower Gel

Natural Nutritious Shower Gel

As stated in the packaging, this shower gel contains real honey extract, which aim to clean the skin from the dirt as well as to freshen our body and mind. They said that the skin is going to be softer after the application, along with flex the skin, reducing the black spot, regenerating the skin condition, reducing the wrinkles, protecting the skin moisture and keep it in balance. The fresh skin with honey smell would be there as the result.

My experience – This shower gel is also soft and I feel my skin moisture enough after showering with water. The smell is not too strong but it gives the calm after use effect.

Strawberry Body Scrub

Strawberry Body Scrub

This body scrub is aimed to hydrate and brighten the skin. It consists strawberry fruit essence and the fresh fruit smell will be take over the bathroom because it has a strong smell. The softness of silk and the fresh scent make our skin feel relax. The skin is going to be chewy and glowing.

My experience – I really love this scrub. As it is stated that it contains the strawberry fruit essence, I feel like I apply the real strawberry in my skin. The texture is springy like a strawberry. It is cute though. Overall, the scrub is very easy to apply and it makes my skin soft enough and it can give the best result if it combines with the shower gel.

Overall, I like this shower gel and the body scrub. It is also very easy to get. You can purchase this product in and you can click this LINK for the access.

Thanks for reading.

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