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Having the Chewy Bread in Turkey

As a beauty blogger, the things that I won’t forget to bring during traveling are the skincare products and cosmetics. And as a travel blogger, I always curious to try local foods and beverages everywhere I travel. Basically, every city and country have their own typical foods and beverages, which sometimes we could not find them in other places. The unique tastes would be there. These are some reasons why I always desire to try local foods and beverages to taste the different.

During my trip to Turkey, we had a lot of new tastes of food, which were started from appetizers, snacks, main courses and beverages. We were really enjoying the unique tastes and we tried to adapt them. I this post, I do not want to talk about the foods in Turkey but I want to share my impression while having the local foods on the first day in Turkey. Confuse, curious and enjoy the moment were 3 senses that came into me. Those senses were mixed with the cold feeling, which was caused by the weather, and I really enjoyed it.

Chewy Bread for Lunch

On the first arrival day in Turkey, we felt very starving, especially when we faced the strong wind and walked through the cold weather.

Were they good combinations to start the day of traveling?

Of course it was a big NO NO! Thankfully, our tour guide invited us to tried the local food for our lunch in Turkistan Diner. This is the Turkish restaurant, which was located in the old town area.

Turkistan Diner Address : Sultan Ahmet Mahallesi, Tavukhane Sk. No:36, 34122 Fatih/Istanbul, Turkey.

In my opinion, this restaurant was very unique. Starting from the outside performance. We did not see this restaurant as a real restaurant, at first. It was seen as the small shop in the medium blocks or complex instead. However, when we entered the antique wooden door, we could see the Turkish concept that applied in the whole interior of this restaurant. This ambiance could give the homey and warm feeling, especially with the dim light illuminated the whole interior.

There was the old guy who always served various foods and beverages to us in polite ways. I thought that he was the owner of the restaurant because he acted very settle or well-blended with the restaurant. His attitude gave the welcome signature to us and he made us feel at home.


To be honest, I was a bit shocked when the owner and his staffs served us a lot of foods. It was started from the pea soup as the appetizer. I never tasted this kind of soup previously, but this taste was great. It was sweet but not too much. We enjoyed this pea soup with the chewy bread. I did not know the real name of this bread. As it was very chewy, we just called it the chewy bread. The bread itself tasted a little savory and when we dip it in the soup, it would have the proper taste and less chewy.

The Chicken Satay, a Little Salad and Savory Rice

After we finished the appetizer, we were served the chicken satay, a little amount of salad with the savory rice as our main course. The chicken satay was very unique because it was not sprinkled with peanut sauce but it was just grilled with the spices as it is. The taste was great and I really loved it. It was good combination with the savory rice, which made us less satiety.

A Plate of Salad

The third dish was the plate of salad. I loved being in Turkey because we could find salad very easy in most of restaurant. And when we ordered the foods, it always served with salad. The vegetable was very fresh and a bit watery. It was good if we ate them after having the chicken satay.

What’s outside the restaurant?

The area around Turkistan Diner

We were attracted with the beautiful wall in the side walk outside the restaurant. It had the strong character of the old town areas. Most people took some photographs with the wall as the backgroundWe had very beautiful memories in Turkistan Diner as well as in the old town.

If you want to ask more about traveling to Turkey, please give some notes and I will try to share with you.

Thanks for reading.

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